Trufl helps restaurants drive revenue with dynamic pricing

Trufl is a platform that allows restaurants to take reservations, manage service operations, and maximise revenue through flexible payments and pricing. People Tech Group, a consulting firm that assists clients ranging from medium and large enterprise businesses to Fortune 500 companies with tech integration, worked with Stripe to help Trufl offer highly customised guest experiences.

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Trufl is a platform designed for full-service restaurants, spanning a wide range of establishments from fine dining to major chain restaurants. The platform allows restaurateurs to manage their waiting list and reservations, customise their floor plans, set dynamic pricing with food and beverage minimums, and provide guests the opportunity to commit to minimum spend amounts when restaurants are busy.

The company prioritises offering customised guest experiences, including features such as restaurant suggestions, upsells, and reservations personalised to the individual guest, based on their habits and preferences. Restaurants using Trufl needed clean documentation to create a seamless experience for guests, but Trufl’s original payments platform fell short, causing friction for guests as they booked reservations.


Trufl turned to People Tech Group to identify solutions around clear, easy-to-understand documentation and flexible, global payment options that would help it deliver the guest experience the company envisioned. People Tech Group first guided Trufl through an ideation process, then helped the company quickly identify the solutions that would fit their use cases and implement those solutions to achieve their vision. People Tech Group enlisted help from Stripe to provide the advanced tools Trufl needed to create guest-centred, highly individualised payments experiences that went beyond basic, existing platform models.

Trufl implemented Stripe Payments and Stripe Connect, which integrates flexible payment options with restaurant websites, third-party booking platforms, and native apps, for fast, simple payment processing. Trufl also uses Stripe Terminal and the Stripe Reader M2 accessory to allow restaurants to easily accept payments tableside, at events, and in other settings.


Stripe and People Tech Group have enabled Trufl to deliver the guest experience it envisioned – one that is simple, seamless, and intuitive for full-service restaurant guests, enhancing the overall dining experience. With Stripe, the onboarding process for restaurants is quick and easy. Stripe verification has reduced the waiting period from one to two weeks to under two minutes, which allows restaurants using Trufl to get approved and paid out quickly.

The partnership helped Trufl build a platform that drives revenue for restaurants through dynamic, flexible pricing and payment options. This flexibility allows restaurants to customise their pricing depending on the customer profile or peak hours, and enables options such as pre-payment, leading to more revenue and higher customer lifetime values. These tools help restaurants book more customers during off-peak hours and generate more revenue during peak hours. As a result, restaurants using the Trufl platform have increased their weekly revenue up to 75% through double-digit growth in both average bill sizes and average bookings.

Trufl saved significant developer time by working with Stripe and People Tech Group and using prebuilt solutions. Trufl has also reduced churn as a result of the seamless, reliable payments experience it gained with Stripe.

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People Tech Group is a leading consulting firm focused on enterprise solutions, digital transformation, and modernising operations. The firm uses its expertise in tech integration and implementation to help clients accelerate their business and achieve their objectives.

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