Introducing the Stripe Extension for VS Code

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Today, we're launching the Stripe extension for Visual Studio Code, one of the most popular integrated developer environments.

With the VS Code extension, you can stream logs and webhook events from the Stripe API to your local development machine, quickly access the API reference by hovering over resource methods, easily get started with one of Stripe’s sample apps, and much more.

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Recent highlights

Introducing quotes

Share a price estimate with a customer and convert it to a subscription or invoice once the quote has been approved.

Stripe Identity

Programmatically verify the identity of global users to prevent fraud, streamline risk operations, and increase trust and safety.

Stripe Tax

Automate taxes on your Stripe transactions. Know where to register and automatically collect the right amount of sales tax, VAT, and GST.

Introducing GrabPay

Businesses in Singapore and Malaysia can now accept GrabPay wallet payments through Stripe Checkout and API integrations.

Introducing Payment Links

Sell online without a website. Create a full payment page in just a few clicks and share the link with your customers—no code required. 

Issuing now available in Europe

Stripe Issuing lets European businesses programmatically create, manage, and distribute payment cards.

Hello UAE

Businesses in the UAE can sign up now to accept payments, add subscriptions, manage fraud, and more with Stripe.


Boost sales in minutes with Afterpay on Stripe—Offering buy now, pay later options like Afterpay can give your buyers more flexibility at checkout.

Connect platforms

You can now use separate charges and transfers and account debits with your Express and Custom connected accounts.

Stripe Treasury

Banking-as-a-service for software platforms, built in partnership with the world’s leading banks.


Sessions kicks off June 16

Jim Stoneham Business
Stripe Sessions June 16

Sessions, our global user conference, will be fully online this year, making it accessible to anyone who wants to attend. We invite you to join us starting June 16, 2021. Through product talks, workshops, and fireside chats, Stripe leadership will discuss how we're building for the future economic growth of our customers.

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  • Connect

    Platform controls for new Standard accounts give platforms the option to manage payout timing and co-brand the dashboard. Learn more 

  • Connect

    Connect OAuth flow for Standard connected accounts will only allow a single Platform to be connected to a Standard account. Learn more 

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