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Manual payouts now faster in UK

Manual payouts will now land in your bank account on the same business day due to new local banking integrations in the UK. No extra fees, no integrations changes needed. 

Amazon Pay available in the US

Businesses in the US can now offer Amazon Pay. Allow your customers to pay using the same checkout experience that millions of Amazon customers know and trust.

Cash App Pay available in US

Businesses in the US can now reach new customers with Cash App Pay. Allow customers to pay with the wallet that's number one in both app stores.

Introducing Stripe Reader S700

Build custom experiences for interactions from ordering to loyalty management—or run your custom POS on an all-in-one device.

BNPL support expanded globally

Businesses can now accept more buy now, pay later methods globally through one integration on Stripe: Klarna in AU, NZ, CA, CH, PT, PL, CZ, and GR; Affirm in CA. 

Collect payment details before creating an Intent

Integrating and upgrading to the Payment Element is now easier than ever with server-side confirmation and a new integration path that lets you collect payment details before creating a PaymentIntent or SetupIntent.

Automatic currency conversion

Businesses in the US and Canada using Checkout and Payment Links can now dynamically localize pricing to 30 countries with one click in the Dashboard.

Terminal expands to more countries in Europe

Businesses can now accept in-person payments in Switzerland and Norway with Terminal's flexible APIs, SDKs, and pre-certified card readers.

New Billing analytics functionalities

You can now customize how Stripe calculates your MRR and churn, and export your SaaS and billing metrics in CSV format.

Tap to Pay on iPhone now available in the US

You can now accept in-person contactless payments with only an iPhone and Stripe Terminal—no additional hardware required.


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  • Billing

    MRR metrics now take all stacked or subscription item–level discounts into account. Learn more 

  • Sigma

    MRR metrics calculated using the `subscription_item_change_events` table now take all stacked or subscription item–level discounts into account. Learn more 


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  • Dashboard

    Passkeys—a faster, more secure way to log in to the Stripe Dashboard—are now available. Learn more 


It’s a sellers’ market(place)

Gary Pelissier Connect Marketplaces
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Today, the most innovative changes in marketplaces are about providing more value to sellers. Many of them hinge on the kind of financial infrastructure Stripe provides. We’ve found leading marketplaces increasingly ask us to support them with three main types of incentives for sellers: access to a global customer base, an easy onboarding experience, and financial tools like loans and spend cards available in the marketplace dashboard.

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