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Issuing now available in Europe

Stripe Issuing lets European businesses programmatically create, manage, and distribute payment cards.

Hello UAE

Businesses in the UAE can sign up now to accept payments, add subscriptions, manage fraud, and more with Stripe.


Boost sales in minutes with Afterpay on Stripe—Offering buy now, pay later options like Afterpay can give your buyers more flexibility at checkout.

Connect platforms

You can now use separate charges and transfers and account debits with your Express and Custom connected accounts.

Stripe Treasury

Banking-as-a-service for software platforms, built in partnership with the world’s leading banks.

Stripe Capital

Connect platforms with US-based customers can leverage our lending API to provide their customers with access to fast and flexible financing.

Cross-border payouts

US Connect platforms can send payouts to recipients in their local currencies in 33 countries (with more coming this year).

Instant payouts

Most businesses in Canada and Singapore can now deposit their pending Stripe balance to their bank accounts in minutes.

Stripe Connect

A new, improved onboarding and verification flow for Standard accounts.

Connect Payouts

US businesses can now send funds domestically without writing a single line of code.


Opposing racism

Patrick Collison Leadership

Racism is antithetical to Stripe’s mission. Our founding purpose is the broader, fairer distribution of opportunity—opportunity accessible to and inclusive of everyone, everywhere. While no person’s or company’s statement will change society by itself, that limitation shouldn’t paralyze. Social change requires coordinated, broad participation.

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Expanding support for JCB payments

Daniel Heffernan Global - APAC

JCB is a credit card network with over 135 million cardholders worldwide and a particularly high share-of-wallet in Japan. We have made JCB acceptance available to more businesses and decreased payout times.

Businesses using Stripe in Japan can now automatically accept payments with JCB, in most cases without any additional work.

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