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Sushain Cherivirala Software Engineer, Build Team

Stripe's continuous integration (CI) system is responsible for orchestrating build pipelines and executing the tens of thousands of test suites that our engineers depend on to validate their changes. We lean on a combination of open-source technologies and novel engineering to deliver a CI system that is performant, secure, and delivers a delightful developer experience.

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Recent highlights

Stripe Data Pipeline

Sync your Stripe data with your Redshift or Snowflake data warehouse.

Stripe Tax is available for more businesses

Stripe Tax can now be added to all Stripe Payments integrations to automatically calculate and collect sales tax, VAT, and GST via the new Orders API.

Introducing Stripe Financial Connections

Let users securely share their financial data so you can streamline payments, reduce fraud, underwrite risk, and build new products.

PayNow Singapore

Singapore businesses can now accept authenticated transfers through PayNow, the national payment scheme used by nearly 5 million residents and businesses locally.

More customization in Checkout

Checkout now supports more colors, fonts, and shapes to match the look and feel of your site. You can even use your own domain to make the transition seamless.

ACH Direct Debit

Businesses in the US can now accept bank debits from US customers using any kind of Stripe integration. Instant bank account verification is built in so you can get started in minutes.

Terminal expands to more countries in Europe

Businesses can now accept in-person payments in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain and Sweden with Terminal's flexible APIs, SDKs, and pre-certified card readers.

Test clocks for Billing

Confidently integrate with Stripe Billing. Simulate the passage of time to confirm which subscription events happen and when.

Terminal expands in Europe

Businesses can now accept in-person payments in more countries across Europe, including France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Introducing Stripe Reader

Accept payments at your countertop or on the go with our first Stripe-designed card reader—Stripe Reader M2—now broadly available in the US.


More locally relevant ways to pay in Japan

Daniel Heffernan Product, Japan
Japanese Payment Methods

Since we launched in Japan five years ago, our domestic and international users have told us that they want to pursue deeper, more natural relationships with their Japanese customers. Our Japan-based engineering teams have made major progress in unlocking larger portions of the economy for our users, and today we’re announcing support for Konbini payments and bank transfers (known locally as Furikomi) on Stripe.

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  • Invoicing

    Customers can now schedule payments on a Stripe-hosted invoice. Learn more 

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