Easy setup for sellers and contractors

Use Connect to spin up accounts and enable payments for your sellers, vendors, contractors, or fleet—with as much custom control over the experience as you’d like.

  • Lightweight setup New

    Connect your platform to thousands of existing Stripe sellers, or create new accounts with just an email address. We only need more details when it’s time to deposit funds.

  • Custom flows for sellers New

    Alternatively, you can have sellers provide payment info in your app, and you manage their accounts entirely via the API. Stripe stays out of the way.

  • Secure bank transfers

    Sellers can connect to your platform via OAuth, or you can collect their bank account details securely with Stripe.js—sensitive data never hits your servers.

Feature-packed payments

Connect is tightly integrated with the rest of Stripe—everything you need to let customers pay for purchases from around the world, either online or in mobile apps.

  • APIs for every business model

    You can process subscriptions, store multiple cards per customer, enable one-tap payments and Apple Pay, and much more.

  • The best checkout for buyers

    Long checkout pages should be long gone. Checkout and Stripe.js let customers buy securely in a few taps.

  • Local currencies New

    Increase conversions and let sellers accept payments in 100+ currencies—even Bitcoin. Sellers receive their earnings in their local currency.

  • Custom statement descriptors New

    No more inscrutable credit card charges for customers. You can customize the text on card statements on a per-seller (and per-charge) basis.

Go international

Connect lets your platform support sellers in any of the countries where Stripe is available.

  • International seller verification New

    Paying sellers involves observing different laws in each country. Share simple details about your recipients and we’ll help them get paid.

  • Optimized for everywhere New

    Behind a unified API, Stripe uses local currencies, local bank networks, and local identity verification to help you deliver the best product—everywhere.

Flexible transfers

Connect lets your platform customize complex flows that span multiple customers, sellers, and anyone else who needs to get paid as part of your business.

  • Custom transfer timing New

    You can either let Stripe automate transfers to sellers, or you can customize payment schedules. You can even choose whether your platform or your sellers pay fees. Learn more

  • Route funds as they come in New

    Your platform’s accounting just got much easier. You can now link a charge with a recipient as it comes in, and Stripe can help handle everything downstream.

Simplifying how sellers get paid

Charge and manage payments in a single API call:

curl https://api.stripe.com/v1/charges \
  -u sk_test_BQokikJOvBiI2HlWgH4olfQ2: \
  -d destination=acct_1032D82eZvKYlo2C \
  -d amount=500 \
  -d currency=usd \
  -d customer=cus_8WZt7StnsyUgtg \
  -d application_fee=100

Connect pricing

Accepting payments costs 2.9% + 30¢, which includes support for international sellers, compliance, and tax reporting.

Getting sellers paid with standalone accounts is free. If you'd like to fully customize the seller experience or control the timing of transfers, you can use managed accounts, which cost 0.5%.

Discounts are available for businesses at scale. Get in touch

Get started

Building the next Instacart, Tilt, or Shopify? You’re in the right place.

As a platform, you can use Connect to spin up accounts and enable payments for your sellers with as much custom control over the experience as you’d like.

Got questions? Email connect@stripe.com.

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