Stripe Connect

Stripe for your users. Whether you’re helping people accept payments or offering insights into their data, Stripe Connect uses OAuth to make building on top of Stripe easy. Get started

Payments for your users

Great for platforms, store builders, invoicing systems, and anything else that helps users get paid.

Bring the Stripe experience to all of your users. We’ll take care of making sure your users get paid while you focus on perfecting your application. Take advantage of new features like transaction fees and shared customers.

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Full access to Stripe data

Everything from analytics services to accounting tools can be built on top of Stripe data.

Get secure access to your users’ payment and business data with a familiar “Connect your account” flow. Your users don’t need to share private keys—after a single click for authorization you can start building atop Stripe data.

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How Stripe Connect works

Your users easily and securely connect their account in just a couple of clicks.

Send your user to Stripe

Include a Stripe Connect button that brings your user to Stripe.

They connect their account

Your user can seamlessly create a new account or connect their existing one.

We’ll send them back

In the redirect, we include credentials that you can use to securely share access to their account.

Make API requests

You’ll now be able to make any Stripe API request on your user’s behalf.


Everything you need to build Stripe into your application.

  • Instant Payment Acceptance

    Users can connect an existing Stripe account or create a new one that is instantly payment-enabled.

  • Shared Customers

    Store credit card information with your application and share it across all your connected users.

  • Collect Transaction Fees

    Collect fees directly from your users on each transaction.

  • Full Access

    Request read-write or read-only access to your users’ payments data.

  • Easy PCI Compliance

    No PCI certification or approval process to go through with Stripe.js.

  • Built on Stripe

    You and your users have full access to all of Stripe’s features, from dashboard access to recurring billing.

  • Shopify
  • Ballpark
  • Wufoo
  • SumAll
  • Shoplocket

Let your users connect with Stripe. Get started with Connect