Extend Stripe payments to your point of sale

Stripe Terminal enables you to build your own in-person checkout to accept payments in the physical world. Built with platforms and modern retailers in mind, Terminal helps you unify your online and offline channels with flexible developer tools, pre-certified card readers, and cloud-based hardware management.

Unify your payments stack

Manage all your online and offline sales in one place with a single Stripe integration, simplifying reporting and reconciliation, and providing a unified customer view. Terminal works seamlessly with Stripe Payments, Connect, and Billing.

Own your in-store experience

Provide a seamless customer experience across channels, like reserving online and picking up in store. Our SDKs make it easy to integrate Stripe into your own mobile and web applications to create a customized in-store checkout flow.

Grow your platform’s revenue

Add in-person payments to your platform or marketplace. Using Stripe Terminal with Connect, you can onboard users for online and in-person payments, and unify their payouts across channels.

Scale with ease

Easily manage in-person payments logistics at scale with our centralized fleet management tools. Order and dropship new hardware, configure readers remotely, and monitor device status.

Use cases

In-person payments for any kind of business

Facilitate and monetize in-person payments on your platform

Build and offer omnichannel payments solutions that are deeply integrated into your platform. Terminal works with Connect to provide a unified payments stack with a single onboarding process, helping you unlock new revenue streams from in-person sales.

Build custom in-store shopping experiences

Customize your in-store checkout to reflect your brand and customer experience. Get a single view of your customers across in-person and online sales to enable omnichannel shopping and streamline operations.

Flexible API

Build your perfect point of sale

Break free from the constraints of off-the-shelf point of sale software. Stripe Terminal makes it easier to build your point of sale and own your checkout experience, including creating customized email receipts or reader splash screens. Our APIs and SDKs simplify the integration of Terminal into your point of sale application. You can build with our server-driven integration (US only), or with a platform-specific SDK using Android, iOS, or JavaScript.


Devices for seamless checkout

Save months of developer and certification time with our EMV-certified card readers, or use a compatible iPhone or Android device to accept contactless, in-person payments. All Terminal devices offer end-to-end encryption, remote management and monitoring, cloud-based ordering and logistics, and protection against liability for fraud.

Need help choosing a device?

Stripe Reader S700

An Android-based smart reader for countertop and handheld use. Customize the on-reader checkout experience using a suite of pre-built and custom elements.

  • Chip, swipe, and contactless payments
  • All-in-one device that can run your custom POS
  • Ability to collect input on-screen
  • High-definition display
  • Plug-in, plus Stripe’s longest battery life
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Mobile, desktop, and server-driven integrations
Stripe Reader M2 Image

Stripe Reader M2

A small mobile reader for accepting payments.

  • Chip, swipe, and contactless payments
  • Battery powered
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Mobile integrations


A smart reader with a touchscreen display for countertop and handheld use.

  • Chip, swipe, and contactless payments
  • Ability to collect input on-screen
  • Plug-in or battery powered
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Mobile, desktop, and server-driven integrations

Tap to Pay

An alternative to traditional card readers. Reduce upfront hardware costs and get started quickly by accepting contactless payments directly on compatible iPhone or Android devices.

Examples of Tap to Pay on iPhone and Android

Know what you'll pay


In-person payment processing

Pay for each successful card transaction. Other fees may apply.

2.7% + 5¢

per successful card transaction

+1.5% for international cards

Card readers

Pre-certified card readers with cloud-based fleet management.


Stripe Reader M2


Stripe Reader S700



Tap to Pay

Accept in-person contactless payments directly on a compatible mobile device–no additional hardware required.


per authorization

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Point-to-point-encryption (P2PE)

Access PCI-certified P2PE for additional security required in certain industries. All Terminal transactions are encrypted by default.

per authorization

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Omni-channel for platforms

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Streamlined APIs and SDKs

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