Unify online and in-person payments

Build a unified commerce experience across your online and in-person customer interactions. Stripe Terminal provides platforms and enterprises with developer tools, pre-certified card readers, Tap to Pay on compatible iPhone and Android devices, and cloud-based device management.

Unify commerce

Manage online and in-person payments on a single, global platform for simplified reporting and a unified customer view.

Customise your checkout

Integrate your custom POS app with Stripe Terminal to design a checkout tailored to your business.

Scale with ease

Expand in-person payments to new markets with a single, global platform – no need for regional integrations.

Simplify hardware logistics

Automate reader ordering, fulfilment and management – or accept payments without additional hardware using Tap to Pay.

Unified commerce

Create a cohesive customer experience

With a unified commerce platform, you can meet customers where they are – across channels, at any stage of their journey. Stripe consolidates payments on a single platform for the core functionality and rich insights you need to provide a seamless, personalised experience for every customer.


Take payments in more places

Our pre-certified devices serve a wide range of use cases, in countertop or handheld environments. All Stripe readers offer end-to-end encryption, cloud-based ordering and logistics, and EMV certification. With select readers, you can customise splash screens, collect customer input, or run your own POS app directly. You can also use Tap to Pay alongside – or instead of –card readers, to enable contactless payments directly on compatible iPhone or Android devices.

Device ordering and management

Simplify your hardware logistics

Stripe makes it easy to order, manage, and monitor your readers, wherever they are.

Hardware ordering

Order readers from the Stripe Dashboard or offer white-labelled ordering with the Terminal Hardware Orders API (invite only) – we’ll handle the warehousing and delivery.

Device management

Manage your entire fleet of Stripe readers directly from your Stripe Dashboard. Register and configure your devices, and monitor their status in real time to support quick troubleshooting.
Screenshot of a Stripe dashboard showing the management of devices by location

For platforms

Grow your platform’s revenue and reach

Offer a unified payments solution that’s deeply integrated into your platform. Terminal works seamlessly with Stripe Payments and Connect, with a single onboarding flow to help your users get started quickly.

Monetise in-person payments

Grow your share of wallet by capturing every payment.

Win and retain users

Become a one-stop shop for managing a business.

Reduce developer overhead

Build with modern tools and clear documentation.  

For retailers and enterprise

Keep customers at the centre of every interaction

Stay competitive and operate more efficiently with flexible, unified experiences across online and in-person channels – from website to countertop to kerbside.

Personalise customer interactions

Recognise and engage customers across channels to reduce friction and provide individualised service. For example, access a customer’s transaction history in store to make product recommendations or refund online orders.

Unify your payment data

Manage all your payment data in one place and integrate it with third-party inventory, loyalty, and CRM software to streamline operations.

Learn how a unified view has helped Castlery improve its store operations.

Third-party integrations
Analytics, inventory, accounting, CRM, loyalty and more. Learn more

For developers

Easily integrate in-person payments into your custom POS

Take the complexity out of accepting in-person payments and build a custom point-of-sale integration in weeks. Terminal works seamlessly with the rest of the Stripe API and supports an API-based integration in addition to SDKs for Android, iOS, JavaScript, and React Native. Get started with clear documentation and testing capabilities before launching to 1 location or 1,000.

Engage a partner

Get help building and deploying your solution

Stripe partners can supplement your in-house team with the expertise you need to get up and running on Terminal, from developing a point-of-sale solution, to integrating your application with the Terminal SDK, to growing user adoption.

Developer partners

Get developer help to build a custom POS application or integrate your existing application with the Stripe Terminal SDK.

POS partners

Start selling with no-code point-of-sale solutions that are already integrated with Stripe Terminal.

Hardware partners

Pair your Stripe device with third-party accessories, or use compatible third-party devices – such as Android-based tablets, kiosks, and readers – to accept Tap to Pay payments.

Case studies

Dripos unifies commerce with Stripe Terminal and Stripe Reader S700

Dripos powers more than 100,000 coffee shops and cafés in the United States.


Coffee shop owners who use Dripos, such as Revolución, want to offer their customers seamless experiences – whether they’re ordering at the counter, at a table, or at a pop-up event.


Stripe Reader S700 allowed users to run a custom POS app such as Dripos directly on the device.


“Now we can put all the things we have – including our loyalty program, receipts, and tipping – onto the reader. It’s basically like the register unit, but on the go,” said Avery Durrant, co-founder and co-CEO at Dripos.

SQUIRE uses Tap to Pay so barbers can start accepting in-person payments in minutes

SQUIRE is an all-in-one, easy-to-use business-management system for barbers.


With transactions continuing to move away from cash toward cards and mobile payments, SQUIRE needed a way to provide alternative payment methods.


SQUIRE added Tap to Pay and the Stripe Terminal SDK to let barbers accept contactless in-person payments, using only a compatible smartphone or tablet.


With Tap to Pay, barbers can process payments right on the devices they’re already using to run their businesses.

Dines generates 150% jump in revenue per venue, with Stripe Terminal

Dines is an all-in-one platform for hospitality businesses across the UK.


Dines realised that businesses using third-party systems for in-person ordering were experiencing a host of challenges, such as longer wait times for orders and more customer complaints.


Dines believed the best way to streamline operations and reduce the workload for operators was to process all payments through one service.


After introducing Stripe Terminal, Dines has seen a 150% increase in revenue per venue and is on track to achieve 4x year-over-year growth in transaction volumes.

atVenu streamlines merchandise sales at live events with Stripe

atVenu is one of the world’s leading live-events platforms.


atVenu found that its existing hardware did not work well in the kinds of temporary and transient environments its vendors often found themselves in.


Stripe Terminal offered a reliable way to make in-person card and contactless payments as smooth as possible in venues that may not have a roof, let alone a stable internet connection.


“The API can definitely handle the scope of our business,” said Derek Ball, atVenu’s co-founder and CEO. “In one night we’ll process over $10 million of volume through Stripe, without a hiccup.”


Choose your solution

Each device is part of a package, which includes software, encryption, device management, ordering APIs (where applicable), and reporting APIs. You can mix and match different packages to build out your fleet of devices.

Process payments on a mobile reader
Pair with your POS device
Offer a simple, branded checkout
Pair with your POS device
Smart Advanced
Do more with an all-in-one premium device
Run custom POS and payments on one device
For industries that require it, you can add point-to-point-encryption (P2PE) for C$0.06 per authorisation.
Tap to Pay
Accept contactless payments without additional hardware
Use compatible iPhone or Android devices
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Custom pricing available for companies with large payments volume or unique business models.
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Ready to get started?

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Terminal APIs and SDKs

Support flexible in-person payments experiences

Unified commerce

Accept in-person and online payments with Connect and Terminal

Tap to Pay on iPhone requires the latest version of iOS. Update to the latest version by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Tap Download and Install. Some contactless cards may not be accepted. The Contactless Symbol is a trademark owned by and used with permission of EMVCo, LLC. Tap to Pay on iPhone is not available in all markets. View Tap to Pay on iPhone countries and regions