Modern tools to help you beat fraud, fully integrated with your payments.

Fraud prevention done right

Old ways of combating fraud were never designed for modern internet businesses. Stripe Radar is powered by advanced machine learning algorithms that automatically learn from Stripe’s global network of businesses to help identify and prevent fraud.

  • Better accuracy

    Stripe Radar scans every payment using the most relevant signals to help detect and block fraud. And Radar’s algorithms are constantly tweaked by Stripe engineers to adapt to new fraud vectors.

  • Strength in numbers

    We help pinpoint fraud using behavioral signals from across 100,000+ global companies. (Even if a card is new to your business, there’s an 80% chance it’s been seen before on the Stripe network.)

  • Immediate results

    Unlike systems that require weeks to train and only mimic human reviewers, Radar lets you instantly use rich payments data (including info from banks and card networks) to fight fraud.

How is machine learning used to detect fraud?

We’ve put together a primer on how machine learning can produce predictive models of fraud from large sets of data. Effective systems can block substantial amounts of fraud while incorrectly blocking just a few legitimate payments.

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Simplify your fraud ops

Stripe Radar adds smart, unified tools to the Dashboard that help improve precision while reducing manual work for your teams.

Set custom rules

Reflect your business’s unique considerations by setting precise rules. You can even preview the impact of rules on past data and test hypotheses about the most effective ways to detect fraud for your company.

Review flagged payments

By default, Radar helps pinpoint the most pertinent transactions for your teams to review so that they can focus on product and customer experiences instead. You can also customize payments to review with rules.

Uncover fraud insights

Stripe Radar adds a detailed snapshot of fraud for your business right inside the Dashboard and lets you take immediate action.

  • See real-time insights

    Get a transparent view of how much fraud hits your business and why Radar blocked or flagged specific payments.

  • Radar adapts to your business

    Radar will immediately factor in feedback you provide about specific payments using the Dashboard or the API.

  • Automate manual workflows

    Extend Stripe Radar by using the API to handle disputes programmatically, keep internal systems in sync, or build fully-automated fraud processes for your company.

Teespring’s small risk team uses Stripe Radar to prevent fraud for creators across their platform.