Reach new customers with Cash App Pay

Cash App Pay allows your US customers to seamlessly pay using Cash App, the number one finance app in both app stores.¹

Capture more revenue

Access a unique audience—more than two-thirds of Cash App’s monthly transacting actives are millennial or Gen Z customers.¹ 55% of Cash App customers don’t have a credit card,² allowing you to convert previously untapped customers.

Remove friction at checkout

Enable your customers to check out with a seamless user experience—just scan a QR code on desktop or get automatically redirected to Cash App on mobile.

Gain a loyal customer base

Cash App users are highly engaged, with two-thirds of monthly actives transact every week on average.¹

Simplify operations

Add Cash App Pay to any Stripe integration for unified monitoring, reporting, and payouts with seamless onboarding. There’s no additional application or onboarding process to get started.

How it works

Faster checkout on web and mobile

Wallets provide a fast and secure way for customers to pay with a saved card or a stored balance. With Cash App Pay, customers pay with their Cash App balance or debit card at their favorite brands by scanning a QR code on desktop or redirecting to the app on mobile.

  • Authenticated payments in-app
  • Seamless mobile payments experience through app-to-app redirects
  • Easy and flexible integration options for businesses of all sizes
Cash App Pay phone payment screen

Fully integrated

Get started fast on Stripe

With Stripe, you can get up and running with Cash App Pay in minutes. There’s no additional paperwork for eligible businesses to get started, and everything from maintenance to reconciliation is simpler with a unified payments integration.

Flexible UI options

Stripe Checkout or Payment Element make it easy to build a customized checkout for web and mobile. Accept Cash App Pay in minutes when you integrate using Automatic Payment Methods—no code required.

For platforms

Through Connect, platforms and marketplaces can easily distribute Cash App Pay with no additional onboarding required for eligible businesses in the United States.

Cash App is exploding in our demographic, but it was always a black box for us because we couldn’t implement it with our previous payments provider. It’s huge that we’re able to offer it now with Stripe.

Kush Patel, CTO, theCut


Know what you’ll pay

Offering more payment methods can expand your customer reach and increase conversion.

2.9% + 30¢

per Cash App Pay transaction

Dispute transactions on Cash App Pay.


for disputed Cash App Pay payments

Ready to get started?

There’s no additional paperwork for eligible businesses in the US to start accepting Cash App Pay on Stripe.


Check if your business category is supported in the docs, or visit your Dashboard settings to confirm if you are eligible.

Payment Method Guide

Understand the importance of payment methods and which ones to offer based on your business model and customer preferences.

Customer numbers and shopper data provided by Cash App Pay. All data relates to integrations involving Cash App Pay in general and are not specific to integrating with Stripe.

A transacting active is a Cash App account that has at least one financial transaction using any product or service within Cash App during a specific period.

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  2. Cash App Customer Insights, survey of 1,800 Cash App users, March 2022