Stripe Data Pipeline (SDP) Terms

Effective: May 18, 2022

These Stripe Data Pipeline Terms (“SDP Terms”) apply to the use of the Stripe Data Pipeline Services (as defined below).

1. Relationship to Stripe Services Agreement.

When you use the Stripe Data Pipeline Services, you expressly agree to the terms and conditions of these SDP Terms, the Stripe Services Agreement, and any updates or modifications Stripe makes to either of the foregoing from time to time. These SDP Terms supplement the Stripe Services Agreement, which generally governs your use of Stripe Services, and is incorporated into these SDP Terms by reference. To the extent that there is a conflict between the Stripe Services Agreement and these SDP Terms related to the Stripe Data Pipeline Services, these SDP Terms will prevail.

2. Definitions.

Data Warehouse” means a Data storage solution selected by you that Stripe supports (as described on our website).

SDP Transaction” means each instance in which you or your Connected Account (if any) submits an authorization or charge request to the Networks or processes a transaction using an alternative payment method via the Services.

Stripe Data Pipeline Services” means the Services that enable you to send Data contained in your Stripe Account to your Data Warehouse account in the Territory, as described on our website.

Territory” means the United States.

Other capitalized undefined terms used in these SDP Terms have the meanings given to them in the Stripe Services Agreement.

3. Your Use of the Stripe Data Pipeline Services.

3.1 You must only use the Stripe Data Pipeline Services in compliance with these SDP Terms. You must only use the Stripe Data Pipeline Services with your Data Warehouse account in the Territory. However, the Stripe Data Pipeline Services are available for access by all of your Stripe Accounts in the Territory or in other countries Stripe approves.

3.2 You must have all necessary consents to enable Stripe to deliver, and for you to use, the Stripe Data Pipeline Services.

3.3 You must provide Stripe with the correct account ID for your Data Warehouse account.

4. Restrictions on Use of Stripe Data Pipeline Services.

You must not, and must not enable or allow any other party to, use the Stripe Date Pipeline Services:

a. to export Stripe Data to a service that you do not have authorization to access;

b. other than for the purpose for which it is provided and in accordance with all Documentation relating to the Stripe Date Pipeline Services; or

c. to violate any Law, including any Law governing Data collection, storage, or transmission.

5. Transferred Data.

Stripe will provide you with access to your Data in your Stripe Account from your Data Warehouse account in the Territory. If you transfer any Data (including any personally identifiable information) to your Data Warehouse account, then your Data Warehouse will be the custodian of the transferred Data and transferred Data will be subject to the terms of your agreement with your Data Warehouse. Stripe has no control over, and is not responsible for, any subsequent storage, use or disclosure of the transferred Data, including any additional copies of the Data that you or Data Warehouse may make. Upon Stripe’s written request, you will cooperate in good faith to promptly resolve any data subject access or other privacy requests.

6. Fee Calculation.

For purposes of calculating the Fees Stripe will charge per SDP Transaction for the Stripe Data Pipeline Services:

a. multiple activities at different stages of the same underlying transaction count as a single Transaction (e.g. an authorization request for a transaction that is subsequently refunded, disputed or reversed);

b. only activities carried out in a production environment will be counted; and

c. all activities associated with or generated by a Service will be counted; however Stripe may, at its discretion, by giving Notice to you, exclude one or more Services or parts of a Service from being counted, either indefinitely or for a limited period.

7. Termination.

7.1 You may terminate your access to the Stripe Data Pipeline Services by unsubscribing via the Dashboard at any time.

7.2 Stripe may, by giving Notice, immediately suspend or terminate your access to the Stripe Data Pipeline Services if:

a. the Data Warehouse stops offering the features or functionality that Stripe uses to provide the Stripe Data Pipeline Services;

b. you breach these SDP Terms;

c. your use of the Stripe Data Pipeline Services, in Stripe’s reasonable opinion, violates applicable Law or could cause harm to Stripe, its service provider, or other Stripe users; or

d. there is a material change in any applicable Law, or interpretation of it that adversely affects Stripe’s rights and obligations with respect to the Stripe Data Pipeline Services.

7.3 These SDP Terms will automatically terminate if the Stripe Services Agreement is terminated for any reason, or if your Stripe Account is suspended or closed.