The fastest way to add payments to your platform or marketplace

Connect Express is the fastest way to enable platform payments with a design that fits your branding. Express includes a set of pre-built, co-branded flows for user onboarding, verification, reporting, and payouts management.

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Quick and easy onboarding

Sign up your sellers or service providers quickly and easily, collecting only the necessary information to get them paid. The average Express seller completes the onboarding flow within two minutes. Customise the UI to match your company’s branding for a seamless user experience, while taking advantage of pre-built UI components to get up and running quickly.

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Pre-built seller dashboard

The most frequent questions we hear from sellers are: “How much did I make?” and “When will I get paid?” Show them detail on both with our pre-built Express dashboard, that automatically updates in real time to showcase the most important payments-related reporting, without the complexity of the full Stripe Dashboard.

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  • After spending just one week on the Connect Express integration, our writers can now get signed up easily, in a UI that reflects our branding. Express has also eliminated tedious maintenance work and helps writers feel more secure when entering payment details.

    Jamie Talbot Director of Engineering

  • Before Stripe, new drivers and movers signing up for our platform had to physically come into our office to get set up with payments. Now, after spending just five days on the integration, Connect Express makes Lugg’s onboarding and payments a one-step, fully automated process.

    Pedro Belo CTO and Co-founder

  • With Connect Express, we were able to take our new vendor payments feature from concept to launch in just a few weeks – the fastest we’ve ever launched a feature of this scale – and we even customised the user experience to match our signature teal branding.

    Andrew Ivanovich EVP Strategy

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