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    Try the Stripe API in seconds. Create your first customer, charge, and more by following the steps below.

    As a first step, credit card information is sent directly to Stripe, ensuring sensitive data never hits your servers. The code below creates a token with Stripe Elements for the test card 4242 4242 4242 4242.

    You can immediately perform a one-time charge, but by storing it on a customer, the payment method can be used for repeat charges. Let's create the customer using your token.

    Now that you have a customer and securely stored their credit card information, you can easily charge this customer anytime. Try creating a charge for .

    If your business uses subscriptions, Stripe makes it simple to bill customers on a recurring basis. Let's start by creating a plan named for .

    You can now easily link your customer to this new plan to create a subscription. Stripe will handle the recurring billing automatically for you.

    That's it! You've created your first customer, your first charge, as well as your first plan and subscription. Happy coding!

    var stripe = Stripe('pk_test_TYooMQauvdEDq54NiTphI7jx');
    var elements = stripe.elements();
    var card = elements.create('card');
    var promise = stripe.createToken(card);
    promise.then(function(result) {
      // result.token is the card token.

    Getting started

    Stripe helps you create any type of payments flow—from e-commerce to recurring billing and everything in between. Follow our development quickstart to start building your integration.

    Accept payments

    Stripe enables you to accept payments in minutes. Collect your customers' payment information easily and securely on web or mobile, and create charges server-side in 135+ currencies. Users in the United States can accept Visa Mastercard American Express Discover JCB Diners Club credit and debit cards.

    Stripe also supports a range of additional payment methods, including 3D Secure, ACH debits, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

    Manage recurring payments

    Stripe makes recurring and subscription-based billing easy. Explore the quickstart to get going quickly and subscribe your first customer to a plan.

    Build a marketplace

    Whether you're building a platform that needs to get sellers paid, or building applications to do more with Stripe data, you can use Connect. Learn how to connect to accounts and let Stripe handle the signup process, or choose to customize your users' experience by creating Custom accounts via the API.

    Add payments to your platform

    Rapidly enable payments processing for businesses and individuals using your platform. Get started by using Stripe Connect with Standard accounts.

    Extend Stripe's offerings

    Build features on Stripe’s core APIs, to meet businesses' needs. Start by connecting to Stripe accounts via OAuth.

    Not a developer?

    Although a custom Stripe integration requires you to either be, or hire, a developer, you have many alternatives. Use pre-built tools from our partners to get started with Stripe, and to do more with your Stripe account—no code required.

    • Platform partners: Starting an online store, setting up a point-of-sale system, running a fundraiser, or selling tickets? Get started by using one of these platforms.

    • Extension partners: Already have a Stripe account and looking for additional features? Use these extensions to add analytics, accounting, emails, shipping, taxes, and other capabilities.

    • Plug-in partners: Using an open-source or self-hosted platform like WordPress, Magento, or PrestaShop to run your business? Install these plug-ins to add more features to your platform.

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    We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have! Search our documentation, contact support, or connect with our sales team. You can also chat live with other developers in #stripe on freenode.

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