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    The quickest way to build beautiful, conversion-optimized payment forms, hosted on Stripe.

    Start accepting payments with just a few lines of code. Checkout is a smart payment page that works seamlessly across devices and is designed to increase your conversion.

    It currently supports:

    • Card payments
    • Apple Pay (dynamically surfaced only when enabled by the customer)
    • Dynamic 3D Secure (including meeting authentication requirements like the upcoming SCA regulation in Europe)
    • 13 locales for a localized payments experience.

    The new Stripe Checkout is designed to improve and evolve over time. Once you’ve integrated, you’ll be able to automatically take advantage of new features and payment methods that we add to Checkout.

    See how it works

    You can try out Checkout now by clicking the Preview Checkout button below. This sample integration is running in test mode, which means that it won’t create a real charge. You can try it by using the following to fill in the form:

    • Any contact information
    • One of Stripe’s test card numbers
    • Any three-digit CVC code
    • Any expiration date in the future
    • Any billing address and valid postal code, such as 12345

    Getting started

    There are two ways to integrate the new Checkout. Before you get started, use the table below to determine which integration makes the most sense for your business.

    • Quickly integrate with a client-side code snippet, no server integration required.
    • Sell products, plans and SKUs, created in the Stripe dashboard.
    • Subscriptions support using plans and trials.
    • The Checkout API has all the client features and offers even more flexibility. Integrate by creating a session on your server to start Checkout on the client.
    • Best for donations, large product catalogs, and products with variable pricing.
    • Subscriptions support using plans and trials.
    • Stripe Connect support.
    Get started with Checkout's client integration. Get started with Checkout's server integration.

    Supported languages

    By default, Checkout detects the locale of the customer’s browser and displays a translated version of the page in their language. You can also provide a specific locale for Checkout to use instead. Checkout also uses the locale to format numbers and currencies. For example, when selling a product whose price is set in EUR with the locale set to auto, a browser configured to use English (en) would see €25.00 while one configured for German (de) would see 25,00 €.

    Checkout roadmap

    In the coming months, we plan to add more features to the new Stripe Checkout, including:

    • Support for Google Pay (in addition to Apple Pay, which is already supported)
    • Support for iDEAL, SEPA Debit, and other European payment methods, with the most relevant payment methods surfaced to the customer based on their country
    • Shipping address support
    • Better support for saving customers and reusing sources
    • Support for returning customers to reuse their saved payment method details
    • Built-in fraud protection
    • Ability to pre-fill more customer details, such as contact and shipping information

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