Payments Overview

    Integrate payments into your website or mobile app.

    There are several ways to accept payments on Stripe.

    Starting from scratch, you can use prebuilt payments modules in your website or publishing platform. For developers seeking customization, build your own integration using Stripe's APIs and client-side libraries.

    Add a payments module

    Stripe Checkout

    The complete checkout experience. A prebuilt Stripe payments page, with customizable branding.

    A sample Stripe Checkout payment page with logo and total price

    Stripe with a Plugin

    Plugins for your platform—like Magento, WordPress,
    Drupal, or Joomla—built by our partners. No coding required.

    Build your own

    Stripe.js & Elements

    Our foundational JavaScript library for building payment flows, and a set of prebuilt UI components for the web.

    A sample Elements payment page

    Mobile SDKs

    iOS and Android libraries with UI components, including built-in support for Apple Pay and Google Pay.

    Preview of iOS mobile payment flow

    In-person payments

    Stripe Terminal

    Mobile and web SDKs to bring Stripe’s payments platform to your in-person transactions.

    Preview of Stripe Terminal web view and card reader

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