Payments Overview

    Explore ways to integrate payments in your website or mobile app.

    You can accept payments today on Stripe in several ways. Checkout is a pre-built payment page and complete checkout experience that can be branded for your business.

    Want to build a custom payments experience? Use Elements, our ready-made UI components for the web or our iOS and Android client SDKs for mobile applications.

    If you'd like to accept in-person payments use Terminal (in beta), which works with other Stripe products to create a unified, omnichannel payment experience.

    On the web

    Stripe Checkout New

    Get started quickly. Integrate once, gain new features as Checkout evolves.
    A sample Stripe Checkout payment page with logo and total price
    • Redirect to a Stripe-hosted, PCI-compliant payment page
    • Customize the look and feel with logo, colors, and product images
    • Cards and Apple Pay out-of-the-box with more payment methods coming soon
    • Fulfill purchases with webhooks, third-party services, or manually in the Dashboard

    Stripe Elements

    Embeddable, customizable UI elements for cards and more.
    A sample Elements payment page
    • Embed PCI-compliant payment UI elements in your own checkout page
    • CSS-level style customizations
    • Manually integrate each payment method
    • Fulfillment flow depends on the payment API used with Elements

    If your business is PCI-compliant and wants full control over the UI, contact support or connect with sales.

    In mobile apps

    iOS and Android libraries

    Native iOS and Android components with built-in support for Apple Pay and Google Pay.

    Preview of iOS mobile payment flow

    In person

    Stripe Terminal

    Mobile and web SDKs to bring Stripe’s payments platform to your in-person transactions.

    Preview of Stripe Terminal web view and card reader

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