Stripe launches Stripe Identity, an identity verification tool to increase trust online Jun 14, 2021
Stripe launches Stripe Tax to simplify global tax compliance for businesses Jun 10, 2021
Glofox deploys Stripe Capital to offer financing to gyms and accelerate growth of the fitness industry Jun 09, 2021
Stripe commits $8M to six new carbon removal companies May 26, 2021
Stripe launches Payment Links to enable online sales in minutes without any code May 25, 2021
Stripe acquires Bouncer to help businesses with fraud prevention May 14, 2021
Registration opens today for Stripe Sessions 2021 May 12, 2021
Stripe will acquire TaxJar to help internet businesses with tax compliance Apr 27, 2021
Stripe Issuing launches in Europe Apr 19, 2021
Stripe launches in the United Arab Emirates Apr 05, 2021
GoFundMe partners with Stripe to power enhanced fundraising experiences in North America Mar 24, 2021
Stripe has raised a new round of funding to accelerate momentum in Europe and reinforce enterprise leadership Mar 14, 2021
SaaS giant Atlassian selects Stripe to create a single platform for global billing and payments across all of its cloud product offerings Mar 03, 2021
Stripe welcomes Mark Carney to its board of directors Feb 21, 2021
Christa Davies joins Stripe’s board of directors Jan 13, 2021
Stripe launches Stripe Treasury in major expansion of financial services offering for platform partners Dec 03, 2020
Mindbody teams up with Stripe to fuel expansion in North America and Europe Oct 30, 2020
Stripe launches world’s first large-scale carbon removal purchase tool Oct 28, 2020
Stripe will acquire Paystack to accelerate online commerce across Africa Oct 15, 2020
Stripe named a Leader by Forrester, strikes global commerce partnership with Salesforce Sep 23, 2020
Dhivya Suryadevara to join Stripe as Chief Financial Officer Aug 11, 2020
Stripe hires Mike Clayville as Chief Revenue Officer Aug 05, 2020
Jobber partners with Stripe to activate financing and instant payouts for home service businesses Aug 04, 2020
DoneDeal helps Irish businesses to move online with Stripe Jul 31, 2020
Stripe launches products to support platforms powering the economic recovery Jun 29, 2020
Stripe launches in five more European countries May 27, 2020
Stripe announces an industry-first partnership with JCB and doubles down on its Japanese operations May 26, 2020
QuadPay builds new installment model with Stripe Issuing May 07, 2020
Major updates to Stripe’s payments platform increase revenue and reliability for businesses Apr 23, 2020
Stripe extends Series G funding round Apr 16, 2020
COVID-19 precautions for Stripe employees and customers Mar 02, 2020
Lightspeed partners with Stripe to advance payments experience for customers in North America Feb 05, 2020
Stripe launches in Mexico Oct 24, 2019
Stripe launches in Malaysia Oct 07, 2019
Stripe expands global infrastructure with new funding round Sep 19, 2019
Stripe introduces the Stripe Corporate Card and activates payouts to 45 countries Sep 10, 2019
Stripe launches in eight more European countries Sep 09, 2019
Stripe launches Stripe Capital to make it faster and easier for internet companies to access the funds they need Sep 05, 2019
Stripe leads Series A funding round for Step Jun 06, 2019
SCA study forecasts €57 billion loss in economic activity in Europe Jun 04, 2019
Stripe launches Chargeback Protection to insulate businesses from the cost of fraudulent disputes Jun 03, 2019
Stripe Billing launches in Europe to power subscription companies across the continent Apr 25, 2019
Stripe readies businesses for Strong Customer Authentication in Europe Apr 17, 2019
Stripe co-leads Series B funding round for Rapyd Feb 13, 2019
Diane Greene joins Stripe’s board of directors Jan 30, 2019
Proposition C Oct 19, 2018
Stripe accelerates international expansion and product development with new round of funding Sep 26, 2018
Stripe announces Stripe Terminal, a programmable point of sale for in-person payments Sep 17, 2018
Stripe launches Stripe Issuing to help businesses create their own credit and debit cards Jul 26, 2018
Stripe makes $1 million contribution to California YIMBY in support of lower-cost, high-density housing May 03, 2018
Introducing Stripe Radar 2.0, including Radar for Fraud Teams, with new tools for large businesses Apr 18, 2018
Stripe launches Stripe Billing to accelerate boom in subscription-based businesses Apr 05, 2018
Stripe unveils Stripe Elements to help businesses streamline checkout flows and increase conversions Oct 03, 2017
Stripe launches in Hong Kong, announces new global partnerships with Alipay and WeChat Pay Jul 10, 2017
Announcing Stripe Atlas—helping entrepreneurs start a global business from anywhere Feb 24, 2016