Linear partners with Stripe to grow its business

Linear is a better way to build products. It streamlines issue tracking, project management, and roadmap planning in a tool that combines UI elegance with world-class performance. Thousands of high-impact product teams use Linear to move faster and build better software.

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Linear was looking for a global payments system that would allow it to offer subscription plans to its customers. As a fast-growing company focused on developing and polishing its product, Linear needed a payment solution that was optimized for conversion and easy to implement. Additionally, it was looking for a company whose products were known to be of the highest quality in order to drive customer trust.


Linear incorporated its business using Stripe Atlas and chose Stripe Billing and Stripe Checkout as its global solution for accepting payments online. This allowed Linear to accept payments globally and take advantage of key features, such as subscription upsells and accepting multiple payment methods. Additionally, Linear decided to donate a percentage of its profits to fight climate change using Stripe Climate, which aligned with its corporate values.


Linear has become the default tool of choice for thousands of startups and growth-stage companies to streamline product development. With Stripe Checkout and Stripe Billing, Linear was able to stand up its payments integration in two days and offer three distinct subscription plans to its customers around the world. Linear also offers customers the ability to upgrade their subscriptions to longer time frames, directly in the checkout page.

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