About Stripe

Stripe is a developer-friendly way to accept payments online and in mobile apps.
We process billions of dollars a year for thousands of companies of all sizes.

Eli Skipp Before Stripe, Eli Skipp studied at CalArts, SAIC, and DASH. Eli is passionate about building things, reading things, hiking up things, and beer. Michael Schade Michael wrote Stripe’s Haskell bindings before joining full-time to help make Stripe’s support awesome. Dan Weinstein Before joining Stripe, Dan worked on fraud analysis for Google Wallet. He studied history and CS at Columbia and is passionate about backpacking, natural history, and playing classical piano. Joe Cruttwell Before Stripe, Joe worked at Bain & Company and studied at Oxford. He grew up in London, where he developed a love of both eating and puns. Ian Mellett Ian took down the local news industry in Cannock before joining Stripe to work on support. Liz Fitzgerald Liz studied English Literature and Spanish at Trinity College Dublin. When not supporting users at Stripe she enjoys fencing, practicing yoga and deep sea diving. Susan Wu Susan lives somewhere between SF, France and Australia. Before Stripe, she was CMO of Apache, Founding Partner at Obvious (Medium), and a VC. Krithika Muthukumar After studying at Berkeley and working at Google and Dropbox, Krithika now helps the world better understand Stripe. Erica Pang Erica previously worked partnerships and product at Yub, a card-linked offers platform acquired by Coupons.com. She is a proud graduate of UC Berkeley - Go Bears! Dave Husen Before Stripe, Dave helped to grow the IT team at Yelp. He studied hydrological sciences and policy at UC Santa Barbara. Dave loves to tinker, cook, and travel. Jason Pellerin Jason is a New Englander from north of the Sox/Yankee line. When not bossing computers around, he reads a lot of SFF. While bossing computers around, he drinks a lot of tea. Brian Dudley Dudley's love for food started very early. He's been a chef all over the country, in almost every style of restaurant, with designs on improving his craft on a daily basis. Ben Rahn Ben studied physics at Caltech, cofounded ActBlue (the largest political fundraising platform in the world), and created mashupbreakdown.com. Mark McGranaghan Before Stripe, Mark worked in infrastructure engineering at Heroku. He studied math and computer science at Bowdoin College. Omar Cameron Originally from New York, Omar studied at Duke University and Tulane. He enjoys playing pickup basketball, traveling, and trying new foods. Frank Bozzo Frank spends as much time as possible high in the mountains of Ecuador. When he isn't stumbling through a conversation in Spanish, he enjoys taking on entrepreneurial projects and listening to podcasts. Steve Woodrow Before Stripe, Steve worked on Project BISmark, measuring Internet routing and broadband performance. He grew up in Canada, and studied at MIT and the University of Manitoba. Jon Oei Jonathan is an LA native that came to SF via Philadelphia. He studied econ at the University of Pennsylvania. Before Stripe, he was in finance at Square. Rémi Jannel Originally from France, Rémi worked at Parrot in Paris and Mixlr in London and now lives in Québec! Vince Cogan Vince studied mathematics at UC Santa Cruz and was a software developer before pursuing a career as an attorney. Prior to joining Stripe, he was Senior Counsel at Silicon Valley Bank. Matt DuVall Matt went to Berkeley and has worked in the Bay Area since. He likes to explore California and eat all the food in SF. Sophie Wiepking-Brown Sophie was born and raised in Alaska, headed south for warmth (and an international relations degree from Stanford), and now she's on the risk team at Stripe. Roban Kramer Roban works on the machine learning team at Stripe. Roban has a PhD in astrophysics and lives in Baltimore, Maryland. James Reggio James studied circuits in Austin, wrote compilers in Seattle, and obsesses over the front-end at Stripe. In another life, he'd be a circus performer. Brian Krausz "I have complete faith in the continued absurdity of whatever's going on." - Jon Stewart Leigh Deacon Prior to Stripe, Leigh provided support at MIT, Ringling Bros., and Steam Heavy Industries. She enjoys getting lost in books and raiding in Azeroth. David Bartley David hails from Canada, and has visited every Canadian province and over 35 US states. Before Stripe, he worked at Google on the developer infrastructure team. Gabriel Hubert Before joining Stripe, Gabriel co-founded TOTEMS, a SaaS analytics platform that was the first business to use Stripe in the UK. He studied at Ecole Centrale (in Paris) and at Stanford. Siddarth Chandrasekaran Sidd enjoys hacking on anything security-related. He studied computer science at Harvard. Peter Raboud Peter is Stripe's current intern, and is a third-year CS student at Waterloo. He enjoys cooking, cycling, and skiing, and is also a die-hard Dvorak keyboard layout user. Jessica Balik Jessica works on the risk team at Stripe. She is also a classically trained flutist and holds a PhD in music history from Stanford. Mark Johnson Mark is a native Phoenician who's lived in the Bay for the past 8 years. He enjoys disco, dancing, sushi, and sweaters--in that order. Prior to Stripe, he provided French support at Square and caffeine support at Philz. Peter Kim Peter builds cool things at Stripe and loves hacking out ideas in his spare time. He studied computer science at UC Berkeley. Patrick Stockwell Before joining Stripe, Patrick founded Volta, a CRM for phone-centric businesses. He was previously a Stripe user and has been building web products since 1997. Q Kuhns Before Stripe, Q worked in forensics, emergency management, research administration, and education. She has a M.S. in forensic and biological anthropology and now spends her free time acting, singing, and playing with her corghuahua. Jesse Luehrs Before Stripe, Jesse worked at Infinity Interactive, where he worked on projects ranging from object systems to web frameworks. He was also a member of the Fall 1 2014 batch of Hacker School. Guillaume Princen Before joining Stripe, Guillaume worked at McKinsey on Aerospace & Defense and studied business at Harvard. Currently, he's busy bringing Stripe to France. Colin Marc Colin is a graduate of Hacker School batch[2]. His interests include board games, Tuvan throat singing, and iambic tetrameter. Nelson Elhage Nelson previously wrote rebootless kernel updates at Ksplice and studied computer science at MIT. He built livegrep in his spare time. Anjali Khurana Before Stripe, Anjali worked at Quora and Facebook on all things support and bugs. She also makes amazing desserts. Dani DeLeon Ever curious, Dani investigates risk at Stripe. Previously, she worked in environmental consulting in Paris and studied history and ethics in society at Stanford. Brendan Taylor Brendan works in Edmonton as an engineer. He makes beer and rides bikes. Nate Saete Originally from Minnesota, Nate's home base has been Brooklyn for the past eight years. He spent a few years after college traveling around six continents and previously worked at Foursquare before joining Stripe. Coda Hale Coda is an infrastructure engineer who lives in Berkeley, CA with his wife and two cats. Orla McHenry Orla previously worked for Commerzbank and Merrill Lynch. She studied chemistry at Trinity College Dublin and finance at the University of Manchester. Jim Danz Jim studied computer science at Harvard, and also TF'd CS51 a bunch of times. He has previously worked at Facebook, Jane Street, and Ness. Jesse Branstetter Jesse implements his passion and creativity to make exciting and comforting food that brings people together. Cosmin Nicolaescu Cos is a new and excited resident of SF. Prior to Stripe, he built large-scale services at Microsoft, and before that he studied CS at Drexel University. When not on his laptop, he enjoys sports, running, traveling and tasting delicious food. Patrick Collison Before Stripe, Patrick co-founded Auctomatic and wrote Encyclopedia. He studied math at MIT. Hamish Kerr Hamish is originally from chilly Hobart, Tasmania. Before Stripe, he fiddled with space hardware in Germany, designed UAVs in China, and studied AeroEng in Melbourne. Michael Handler Michael joins Stripe after 9 years as a Site Reliability Engineer at Google, working on Gmail and App Engine, where he learned to expect the unexpected. He enjoys sketching system lifecycle diagrams on whiteboards and making people laugh, and he'd probably enjoy talking to you. Michael Yip Michael works on taxes at Stripe and previously worked at PwC and Facebook. He is a diehard Warriors season ticket holder and dreams of the day that they bring a championship back to Oakland. Jeremy Hoon Jeremy loves cycling, cooking, and building computing systems. He previously worked on infrastructure at Facebook and studied CS at Harvard. Sandy Wu Having graduated from the University of Waterloo in Canada, Sandy was glad to join Stripe in San Francisco, where the temperature never drops below -30°C (or -22°F) Anurag Goel Anurag grew up in India, and studied computer science at IIT Delhi. He started a company that processed payments with Stripe, but was convinced to join Stripe instead. Kyle Conroy Kyle works on APIs at Stripe. Hailing from the mountains of Lake Tahoe, he enjoys skiing and hiking. He studied at UC Berkeley. Jay Shah Jay grew up in South Florida. Prior to Stripe, Jay worked at Bain and studied Economics at Harvard. Avi Itskovich Before joining Stripe Avi studied at Waterloo and completed a slew of internships. He grew up in Canada, where celsius and kilometres are the norm. Amber Feng Amber studied EECS at Berkeley and has previously hacked on distributed databases, front-end web design, and cereal visualization. Lachlan Fletcher Lachlan lives in Toronto, where he does support for Stripe and makes odd sounds in his spare time. He has also been known to teach people how to use and make interesting things with computers. Andrew Lundsten Andrew does Finance at Stripe and previously worked at PwC with growth and IPO startups, most recently with Twitter. His passions include photography, music, and the oxford comma. Diede van Lamoen Diede studied computer science at Dartmouth, co-founded Groupon China, and has lived on 5 continents. Steven Noble Steve hacks on analytics at Stripe, and previously started the Data Team at Shopify. He studied Math at Dalhousie University. Brian Sze Brian previously was Head of Analytics at TrialPay and worked on the Analytics team for the Obama campaign. He studied economics at Stanford. Francesca Barbera Francesca works on recruiting at Stripe. She previously spent time at Virgin America and Fitbit, and studied economics at Emory University. Peter Mosqueda In his Stripe life, Peter cooks delicious food and gives excellent high fives. In his other life, he works in film production. Robert Kang Robert grew up in the Bay Area and is a current senior at Cal. Prior to Stripe, he was an intern at Facebook and once played capture the flag with Zuck. He’s passionate about real estate and loves to travel. Tiffany Fenster When she's not recruiting for Stripe, Tiffany enjoys fostering eensy kittens and attending live music/theater events. Previously, Tiffany studied film theory at Swarthmore and recruited scientists at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Jorge Ortiz Jorge grew up in Mexico, studied Symbolic Systems at Stanford, and previously worked at Foursquare and LinkedIn. David Moran David grew up in Brooklyn and previously ran an indie bookstore chain in New York City. When not helping out with Support for Stripe, he digs reading, writing, running, and rolling dice. Andy Brody Andy studied computer science at Harvard, where he managed a variety of infrastructure. He also worked on technology for the Obama campaign. Ryan Wang Ryan previously worked at The Greatest Good and studied Economics and Statistics at the University of Chicago. Before Stripe, he spent his entire life in Chicago (if you count the suburbs). He also likes pandas. Devesh Senapati Prior to joining Stripe, Devesh was a product manager at BloomReach. He grew up near Detroit and has degrees from Michigan and Stanford. Darragh Buckley Darragh previously spent time at Lehman Brothers and studied mechanical engineering at MIT. Éanna O'Donnell Éanna studied Law and German at Trinity College Dublin. Prior to Stripe, he worked on the User Policy team with YouTube. He's happiest when backpacking, playing sports and chilling in his hometown Sligo! Bryan Berg Before joining Stripe, Bryan launched App.net and worked on infrastructure at imeem. He enjoys taking things apart, photographing things, and drinking coffee. Olivier Godement Prior to Stripe, Olivier co-founded SparkUp, a platform for entrepreneurs to raise money from their personal networks. He studied at Sciences Po, Peking University, and Essec. Marc Hedlund Marc is Stripe's VP Engineering, and he was previously part of Etsy, Wesabe, O'Reilly, and Lucasfilm. He went to Reed College. Brian Collins Brian built the world’s largest social network for cricket fans. He studied computer science at Cardiff University. Evan Broder Evan previously worked on VMs and kernels at MIT, Ksplice, and MokaFive. He was technical lead on XVM, an early Xen-based hosting infrastructure. Spencer Lawley Spencer previously provided programming support and data management to the Engineering and Oil & Gas industries. He studied Engineering at Dartmouth, and lives in Alaska with his wife, two dogs, and two chickens; they help him provide top-notch support to Stripe users. Tony Debok Tony was a professional soccer player before becoming a professional chef, and now hacks on food infrastructure at Stripe. Ann Harter Prior to Stripe, Ann taught statistics to college kids and developed psychology's first measure of aesthetic personality. She always checks out too many books from the library at once. Carrie Bentley Carrie worked at Silicon Valley Bank before joining Stripe's legal team. When not digging through paperwork, Carrie can be found undertaking all types of DIY projects and migrating up and down the California coast. Lizz Hounshell Lizz works on recruiting at Stripe. Previously, she worked at the SF Opera and studied at Carnegie Mellon. She used to be a professional harpist. Tara Seshan Before Stripe, Tara worked at the intersection of healthcare and technology at Better during her Thiel Fellowship. She studied Environmental Engineering at UNC-CH as a Morehead Cain Scholar. Kiran Bhattaram Kiran studied EECS at MIT. She likes making things, and is currently hand-quilting a large silk map of Boston. Michelle Bu Michelle studied EECS at UC Berkeley. She used to have a chicken. Heather Rasley Heather holds a Humanities BA and studied at NYU's ITP program. Occasionally, she hosts Twitter poetry readings. She works on keeping Stripe users happy. Paul Glootz Before joining Stripe, Paul led business development and grew the user base at Newsle. He studied Economics and East Asian Studies at Harvard. Gabrielle Marx Before joining the risk team at Stripe, Gabrielle received her Masters of Music from The Juilliard School and her Bachelors of Arts from Columbia University. David Spillane Originally from Ireland, Dave studied commerce at UCD and accounting at the Smurfit GSB. Prior to Stripe, Dave was the Chief Accounting officer at Facebook where he helped build the finance team and worked on the Facebook IPO. He also loves to travel. Julia Evans Julia studied math at McGill, left to become a programmer, and now works on data at Stripe. She went to Hacker School and thinks a lot about how to make everywhere as welcoming and productive as HS. Jordan Merrick Before Stripe, Jordan worked at companies like Apple and Ticketmaster to provide Mac support for their users. He enjoys writing, listening to podcasts and video games. Moníca Brown Moníca has been living in NYC for the last several years and is glad to be back on the west coast. She likes to convince herself that running is fun, make people laugh and smile, and create natural health and beauty recipes in her spare time. Andrew Metcalf Andrew is taking a break from his hot glue gun to code for Stripe. He studied at Penn and took a detour to McKinsey on the way to San Francisco to help build product at startups. Dave Coen Before Stripe, Dave worked in management consulting and venture capital. He studied engineering at Dartmouth. Jocelyn Ross Jocelyn oversaw various aspects of payments fraud at Facebook, and previously studied at Stanford and Berkeley. Dan McKinley Dan is a financial industry survivor and an Etsy old-timer. He lives with his wife and son in sunny Los Angeles. Danielle Griffith A Southerner without an accent living in New York City, Danielle comes to Stripe with a background in production and writing. She is very passionate about animated gifs. Ludwig Pettersson Ludwig hacked on Cappuccino from an early age, and released Observer, a real-time version of Google Analytics, while still in high school. He works on design at Stripe. Stanislas Polu Stanislas grew up in Paris and studied Computer Science at Polytechnique and Stanford. He has a background in Systems and coded his first BASIC program at age 8. Needless to say, It was buggy! Dana Sniezko Dana went to Hacker School (Summer 2014) and loves bicycles, music, DIY projects and solving problems. Dan Benamy Dan loves to build stuff and wants to save the world. He built a log cabin by hand and worked on the first robotic car which finished the Mini Grand Challenge competition. Carl Jackson Carl enjoys hacking on distributed systems and eating dark chocolate. He was part of Stripe's first batch of interns, where they failed to scare him away for good. Greg Sabo Greg is a software engineer. He worked at HubSpot, The Echo Nest, and IBM before making computer magic at Stripe. Fang Yuan Before Stripe, Fang worked as a management consultant focusing on the emerging markets. She studied Social Studies at Harvard and enjoys traveling, reading, and dancing in her spare time. Christian Anderson Christian studied math, physics, and computer science at Harvard. He codes, hikes, and thinks about science. Billy Alvarado Prior to joining Stripe, Billy co-founded Lala, which was acquired by Apple in late 2009. He has degrees from Georgia Tech and Stanford. Andrew Thorp Andrew studied Computer Science at Liberty University. Before joining Stripe, he was a developer at Pure Charity and Ace of Sales. He enjoys reading, Philadelphia sports, running, and spending time with his wife and son in Nashville. Christina Mairs Christina studied Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard and Educational Multimedia at Queen's University Belfast. She enjoys traveling, gift wrapping, and supporting our users at Stripe! Jon Zieger Jon was previously Associate General Counsel at Microsoft where he managed various internet, privacy, payments, and compliance projects. He holds a J.D. from the University of Illinois. Andreas Fuchs Andreas has hacked on everything from packaging systems to graph databases in Common Lisp. He used to help Patrick with his Lisp woes in #lisp back in the day. Amy Seaman Amy splits her time between SF, Tokyo and the rest of the world, and focuses on supporting users at Stripe. She enjoys writing, wandering and trying new foods. Jenny Hackeling Jenny's from the East Coast and studied Computer Science and Information Science at UNC Chapel Hill. Before Stripe, she worked in retail doing windows/displays and wrote code at Deutsche Bank. Jonathan Kuhn Jonathan spent his childhood on stage and playing dress up and pursued that passion at Fordham University in NYC. Jonathan is currently based in Hamburg, Germany, and loves absorbing new cultures and history by traveling regularly. Daniel Heffernan Daniel works on all things Japan at Stripe. Previously he developed games at COOKPAD and studied natural language processing at the University of Tokyo. Larry Ullman An author and developer, Larry helped others integrate Stripe before joining the Support team in that same capacity. Rob Heaton Rob studied physics at Oxford and CS at Imperial College. He co-founded a company that makes sweaters with pictures of fruit on them. Jessica Lattif Jessica has an MS in nutrition, and co-founded a sustainable seafood business with her husband in 2012. Before joining Stripe, she completed a software engineering fellowship at Hackbright Academy. M. Roy Clark Having grown up all over the rural South, Roy has now lived in the Bay Area for over six years and currently resides in scenic West Oakland in a huge house full of artists, actors, singers, writers, and musicians. It can be exhausting, but it's never boring. Eeke de Milliano Eeke studied Government and Arabic at Harvard and worked at McKinsey & Company before joining Stripe. She hails from the Netherlands but grew up mostly in Africa. Michaël Villar Michaël co-founded Kickoff, a collaboration app for iOS and OS X acquired by Stripe in 2013. Michaël is originally from Belgium and studied Computer Engineering at Université Catholique de Louvain. Felix Huber Before joining Stripe, Felix was a project manager at McKinsey and also worked at Google and fotocommunity. He studied Management Science and Engineering at Stanford. Risha Jamison Originally from Chicago, Risha likes hiking the Bay Area and obsessively reading non-fiction in the middle of the night. She holds a J.D. from Columbia Law School. Thairu Thairu grew up in Kenya, studied computer science at Harvard, and previously built systems at Microsoft and Optify. Dan Frank Dan works on the data team at Stripe, and previously worked at Bitly and Trendrr. He spends a lot of time on mountains. Griffin Gaffney Before Stripe Griffin worked in LinkedIn's Global Sales Organization. Griffin studied social studies at Harvard and is passionate about cooking and running marathons. Owen Cadigan Originally from Oakland, Owen now helps to feed people of all stripes. Ray Morgan Before Stripe, Ray worked at Zappos.com helping the world get more shoes. He is also a proud new father. Alex Sexton Alex studied Computer Science at The University of Texas. He contributes to open source as a member of the jQuery and Modernizr teams. Michael Manapat Before joining Stripe, Michael worked in advertising and commerce at Google. He studied math at Berkeley and MIT and taught at Harvard. Max Lahey Max hails from the east coast, where he grew up & studied. If not computers, he'd play with guitars all day. John Wang John likes to contribute to open source and dance to techno (concurrently). Previously, he co-founded Zinc, a YC backed startup, and sharpened his pattern matching skills at MIT. Eduardo Serrano Eduardo grew up in Mexico City, where he also helped to launch Startup Weekend DF. Prior to joining Stripe, Eduardo worked on payments at McKinsey. Brittany Storey Before joining Stripe, Brittany earned her masters in Visual Arts Administration from NYU. She spends her time proselytizing San Francisco's superiority over NYC. Danielle Sucher Danielle is a graduate of Hacker School batch[2]. Her hobbies tend to include fire and/or stinging insects. She likes solving puzzles and building stuff because it's easier than sitting still. Daren Guo Daren grew up in Canada and studied at the University of Toronto. In his spare time, he enjoys long walks on the beach and playing basketball. Angie Lal Before Stripe, Angie decided she'd rather debug code than humans in medical school, and so she worked as a developer at One Kings Lane. She enjoys traveling, playing the tabla, and volunteering. Adam Stevenson Before Stripe, Adam worked on information security for large companies and created a website that helps buyers and sellers connect with real estate agents. He also has an outstanding T-shirt collection and tries to surf. Kelly Sims Kelly works on communications at Stripe. She previously helped IBM, Toyota, Credit Suisse, and an assortment of startups more effectively explain what they do. Benjamin De Cock Ben focuses on user interface and icon design. He studied at the College of Advertising and Design in Brussels. Tim Drinan Tim worked at Google and the NYC Department of Education before joining Stripe's Communications team. He dreams of becoming a rock star, or just finding a decent bagel in SF. Avi Bryant Avi grew up in Vancouver, and now lives on a nearby island. Before Stripe, he worked on tools and infrastructure at DabbleDB, Twitter, and Etsy. He used to help Patrick with his Smalltalk woes back in the day. Chris Wu Chris studied Mechatronics at University of Waterloo. Living the life of a co-op, he switched between school and internships every 4 months until he managed to settle down at Stripe. Richo Healey Richo likes his ducks flat and his instruction sets reduced. He's pretty keen on computering aggressively and hanging out on the Wrong Island. Kay Brinkley Originally from England, Kay has helped many payment companies with compliance and risk strategies. Kyle Kingsbury Kyle loves physics, Lisps, and above all, cinnamon Chex. When he's not breaking databases at Stripe, he's busy lifting weights or getting hit with things. Yvonne Robinson Yvonne lived in Italy for several years and worked in education and non-profits before joining the Support team at Stripe. Jack Flintermann Jack studied Computer Science at Brown. After building iOS apps for eHarmony and Grouper, he's excited to bring his veteran online dating experience to Stripe's product team. Monroe Labouisse Monroe heads up user operations at Stripe. Previously, he worked at Airbnb, eBay, and PayPal. Taylor Francis Taylor studied public policy at Princeton and has worked at Facebook, Square, and Coursera. He loves skiing, biking, hiking, and anything in the outdoors. Florent Tardivel Florent helps to grow Stripe in France. He graduated from HEC Paris, then created his own company and has worked at PrestaShop and Worldline. Greg Brockman Greg has worked on crypto for the NSA and infrastructure at Ksplice. He studied math at Harvard and computer science at MIT. Eric Lasker While at Colgate, Eric studied Physics with a computational neuroscience bent. He dabbled in fancy restaurants and kitchens before finding his way to Stripe. Karla Burnett Karla is from Sydney originally, but ironically loves skiing and snow boarding. When there's no snow around, she enjoys orienteering, cycling, and dabbling in languages. Bernie Schlotfeldt Bernie helped social change non-profits collaborate effectively before joining the support team at Stripe. He studied at Reed College. Shefali Roy Shefali studied art, journalism, law and economics at RMIT, Oxford and LSE. She’s a sucker for punishment, so she's currently researching for a doctorate in Behavioural Management. While not at a university, prior to Stripe, she worked at Goldman Sachs, Christies and Apple, building compliance and risk frameworks. She loves a good giggle, architecture, Bach, ping pong, dogs and travelling. Claire Hughes Johnson Prior to Stripe, Claire worked at Google and in management consulting and state politics. She has degrees from Brown and Yale, is a mom and believes work/life balance is a state of mind. Doreen Hoang Doreen works on partnerships at Stripe. Previously, she was at eBay and studied economics at Stanford. She enjoys playing drums and percussion. Dimas Guardado Prior to Stripe, Dimas worked on language and reading applications for K-12 students. He is fascinated by the brain, and how people and groups learn. He enjoys reading, board games, cooking, and eating. Justin Hewitt Justin has a background in psychology and criminology and has spent much of his career chasing down financial crime. When he's not obsessing about money laundering, he's engrossed in complicated board games that take roughly 7 hours to play. Nathan Bailey Nathan studied Evolutionary Biology and Sustainable Development at Columbia. Before Stripe, he helped build Nuru Social Enterprises in Kenya. Pierre Gergis In the Before Stripe phase of his life, Pierre studied philosophy and computer science at Columbia and worked at IBM. He sometimes entertains the idea that he is a photographer and a writer. Lauren Lusher Lauren is a Binghamton University alumna who, when not merrily typing away on her Stripe laptop, can be found exploring California's natural landscape, hanging out at the park, or enjoying a good book on her couch. Alison Harrington Born and raised in the East Bay, Alison enjoys baking and spends her spare time relaxing with her family and 3 dogs. Cristina Cordova Prior to joining Stripe, Cristina led business development at Pulse and also worked at Google and Tapulous. She studied political science at Stanford. Russell Davis Previously at Hipmunk, Plaxo, and Microsoft, Russell has been coding since age 12. He studied Computer Science at BYU. Franklin Hu Franklin likes working on distributed systems, eating food, and hanging out with red pandas. Sam Balinghasay Sam studied mathematics and computer science at MIT and loves traveling, learning lanuages, and hip hop dancing. James Allgrove James studied at the London School of Economics and worked at Bain & Company before joining Stripe. He grew up all over the world but now calls London home. He likes to run, cycle, and eat. Greg Cooper Greg designs for Stripe. On the side he practices Jack Peñate's foot shuffle. Alice Wang Previously, Alice worked on social impact assessments at New Sector Alliance. She studied Psychology and Sociology at Stanford. Sheena Jain Sheena comes to Stripe from a background in law and social entrepreneurship. She has a J.D. from Villanova University and sits on the board of SPARK. Zander Ebin Zander grew up in New York City and was going to be an opera singer before he decided that tech was more his style. Lachy Groom Lachy grew up in Australia. He started several businesses there, before coming to San Francisco, where he both learned and taught at Dev Bootcamp. Tavish Armstrong Tavish grew up near Toronto and studied software engineering at Concordia University in Montreal. While working on his degree, he edited The Performance of Open Source Applications, a collection of essays on software optimization. Ryan Daw Ryan grew up in Canada, studied mathematics at SFU, and built web apps for Mobify before joining Stripe. Jonathan Hernandez Jonathan grew up in Canada and was a user of the Stripe API before joining full-time. He studied Electrical and Biomedical Engineering at McMaster University. Kelley Rivoire Kelley works on risk analysis at Stripe. She received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford for work on nanophotonics, and continued that work at HP Labs. John Collison John grew up in Ireland and started building websites when he was fourteen. He was studying physics at Harvard before dropping out to work on Stripe full-time. Daniela Amodei Daniela works on recruiting at Stripe, previously worked as a Congressional staffer and for several political campaigns and international development nonprofits. She studied English literature, politics and music at UC Santa Cruz. Dan Wang Originally from New Jersey, Dan came to the Bay Area to study EECS at UC Berkeley. He enjoys biking and playing piano in his spare time. Ryan Funduk Ryan is constantly starting new projects, and he sometimes even finishes them. When AFK, he watches movies and plays pinball. James Shieh A native of the bay and a graduate of Cal, James spent time at Hacker School and LinkedIn before joining Stripe. He loves all things data and studied Economics and Psychology. Jeff Balogh Prior to Stripe, Jeff scaled websites and introduced Python at Mozilla. He's an aspiring chef and gardener, and a retired triathlete. Philipp Antoni Philipp is an icon and user interface designer from Austria who previously worked with the Macintosh Business Unit at Microsoft. Lisa Zieger Lisa loves helping fellow Stripes make sense of and navigate through immigration complexities. She happily lives in Pittsburgh with her dear husband and two rambunctious little boys. Ray Bejjani Ray has built everything from WiFi Thermostats to CDNs and can't resist learning something new. He still hasn't figured out cooking, though. Rhys Thomas Rhys grew up in Sydney where he earned two degrees from the University of Sydney, worked at IBM and Google and started a handful of businesses along the way. He also works closely in the Indigenous community in Sydney. Now he is helping to build Stripe's business in Australia! He is passionate about languages, travelling, running, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Lewis Clark Lewis did M&A communications and campaigns for tech companies after graduating from Oxford. He speaks French and German and loves a game of soccer.

We think that enabling frictionless transactions is a problem rooted in code and design, not finance. Our robust, clean APIs let our users focus on building great products.

Stripe's investors include Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, and PayPal co-founders Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, and Elon Musk.

Our address is 3180 18th Street, Suite 100, San Francisco, CA 94110.

We love the web, and care deeply about beautiful code, APIs, and documentation. We really like building things—the people at Stripe have previously helped start Lala, Act Blue, Wesabe, Kickoff, Interstate, Auctomatic, GroupSpaces, Encyclopedia, and Observer.

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