A conversation about Strong Customer Authentication

We gathered industry experts from Deliveroo, Monzo, and Mastercard to dive into the topic of Strong Customer Authentication. Hear their thoughts on what this regulation really means for the industry, how to best prepare for it, and what they predict will happen after the deadline.

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Deliveroo, Monzo, and Mastercard talk SCA

We hosted a roundtable of industry experts and asked them all your questions about Strong Customer Authentication: Will banks decline unauthenticated transactions from day one? Why shouldn’t you rely on whitelisting? What exemptions will be supported? What percentage of payments will likely be challenged? Watch the full 30-minute video to find out.

Key takeaways

Watch the video to learn how industry experts are preparing their businesses for the deadline and what they expect will happen come September. Find out:

  • How Deliveroo is preparing and what their top concerns are
  • Which exemptions Monzo plans to support after the deadline
  • How Mastercard expects fraud liability to shift from industry to the customer

To blanket decline a high percentage of transactions would be a disastrous customer experience and would lead to a lack of confidence.

David Jones