Stripe Atlas guides to running an internet business

We’ve worked with experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts to give you authoritative, actionable guidance on how to run the business side of your company, so that you can focus your efforts on building something people will love.

Open sourcing the technology of running a business

Stripe Atlas supports entrepreneurs worldwide who make things and sell them to customers. Many of the mechanics of running their businesses are opaque, documented poorly in scattered places, and difficult to get a straight answer on from experts.

We wanted to level access to the technology of running a business, like open source software levels access to the underlying infrastructure to create wonderful new software products. We published a variety of guides on topics like pitching investors, bookkeeping and business taxes, the basics of negotiating contracts for software companies, and everything else you see above. We’re also adding to the guides regularly, once or twice a month.

Our guides are written at Stripe by experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts; where appropriately marked, they’ve been vetted by external lawyers and accountants for accuracy. We strive for them to be comprehensible by first-time entrepreneurs without a business background but still useful to more experienced founders.

We give more detailed and specialized advice to members; join Stripe Atlas today to get the opportunity to ask questions of our experts, interact with other founders on our forums, and participate in events like the Q&A session with Marc Andreessen which we periodically host. You can also sign up free for email updates from us when we publish new guides.

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