Stripe Sessions 2019

Sessions is a conference designed to explore the future of payments, help businesses scale faster, and connect leaders from high-growth companies.

1 Hr

Sessions Keynote

Hear about our approach to building economic infrastructure for internet businesses, what we’ve learned from ambitious companies, and new product announcements from Stripe.

30 Min

Live podcast with a16z: fast-growing marketplaces

Sonal Chokshi, editor-in-chief at a16z, sits down with Jeff Jordan, managing partner at Andreessen Horowitz and former CEO of OpenTable. They share which metrics matter for marketplaces, how to approach expanding into new geographies, and what it takes to weather a recession.

40 Min

When data contradicts security best practices

Hear some unconventional perspectives from Stripe’s Head of Security Niels Provos and Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, lead for special security projects, on what to do when the data contradicts security best practices.

40 Min

Hacking conversion for fun and profit

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the hidden art of improving customer conversion. Learn new ideas on optimization experiments, quick wins your team can apply within days, and several unique approaches to increasing revenue.

25 Min

Why designers love other people’s problems

UX designers at Stripe are relentlessly focused on every part of their title—users, experiences, and design—to uncover opportunities and pursue well-crafted improvements. Designers Chelsea Otakan and Dave Wright talk about how to think like a UX designer to approach a variety of design challenges.

30 Min

Delivering scale: lessons from Instacart’s hypergrowth

Instacart’s former COO and CFO Ravi Gupta speaks to Stripe’s COO Claire Hughes Johnson about lessons from scaling Instacart, including challenges doubling the size of their engineering org, launching in new markets, and growing in a highly-competitive space.

35 Min

The future of payments

Stripe Co-founder and President John Collison and other leaders across the industry discuss global trends, emerging technology, and what’s coming next in payments.

30 Min

How Stripe builds APIs and teams

Stripe CTO David Singleton shares insights that engineering teams can derive from great API design. Hear how to apply these learnings to accelerate product velocity and maintain a sharp focus on the customer.

35 Min

Fireside chat with Nat Friedman, CEO of GitHub

Nat Friedman, CEO of GitHub, speaks to John Collison about stage fright in the software world, empowering developers, and how shipping features with feedback in mind can help to build trust with users.

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