Platforms across all industries are building on Connect

Whether you’re building a platform to connect parents with babysitters or travel agents with tourists, Connect works for your business.

On demand services

  • Manage payments to drivers, couriers, plumbers or other service providers
  • Attract more service providers through fast, high-conversion onboarding and the best payment options
  • Outsource compliance tasks to Stripe
  • Easily generate and distribute 1099-Ks and 1099-MISCs for IRS tax-reporting requirements
  • Set payout timing, branding, and reporting for your service providers

E-Commerce & marketplaces

  • Help online retailers manage payments from their shoppers
  • Let retailers on your platform connect their existing Stripe account or create new accounts
  • Take advantage of Radar, Stripe’s built-in anti-fraud service
  • Let retailers use Stripe’s dashboard or add payments functionality to your own


  • Connect fundraisers with donors
  • Design the perfect user experience for both donors and fundraisers
  • Allow fundraisers to sign up and start accepting donations instantly (no laborious payments setup required)
  • Support fundraising campaigns in 25+ countries with no per-country payments investment required

Travel & events

  • Easily enable payments for event organizers, ticketing platforms and travel marketplaces
  • Reduce fraud by holding funds in reserve until the event has taken place (up to 90 days)
  • Easily expand to any of the 25+ markets Stripe operates in
  • Move offline payments online, improving the user experience and generating payments revenue for your platform

Software platforms

  • Integrate with Stripe Billing to easily offer recurring billing
  • Bill through ACH and credit cards to best meet customers’ needs
  • Charge sellers out of their Stripe balance with Account Debits—no need to collect credit card information
  • Create a payments-enabled partner marketplace or app store
  • Register as a Stripe Partner and access a range of Partner benefits

Send money to bank accounts

  • Use Connect to do programmatic mass payouts to bank accounts
  • Take advantage of flexible APIs to build any kind of multi-sided platform
  • Consult a single source of data for all payment flows