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New capabilities for Connect

Amber Feng on December 12, 2013

We built Stripe Connect to simplify the payment flow for marketplaces, store builders, and any other platforms that help users get paid. Since our launch last year, we’ve added a couple of new, frequently requested features:

NewApplication fees

You can now view, manage, and refund the fees you collect with our new application fees API endpoint or through the dashboard.

UpdateAutomatically refund fees

When you refund a charge, you can also choose to automatically refund any fees your platform may have collected (as always, Stripe doesn't charge additional fees for refunds or failed transactions). Note that you’ll need to upgrade your application’s API version to make use of this feature.

NewCollect fees on subscriptions

If your users sell subscriptions, you can now collect fees on a per-transaction or per-invoice basis—finally! (Relatedly, we’ve also added a weekly interval to the subscription options you can offer.)

NewMultiple redirect URLs

You can now specify a dynamic redirect URL for when a user successfully connects a new or existing Stripe account to your platform, making it easier to support multiple development environments and custom redirect behavior.

Feedback is always appreciated—we’d love to hear any thoughts on the above, or about anything else you think we should build that’d make Connect better.

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