Local payment methods in Sweden

Support dozens of popular payment methods around the world with a single integration.

For businesses based in Sweden, we support a number of non-card payment methods. Fees for each payment method, assessed per successful payment, are listed below. A 2% fee applies if currency conversion is required.

Payment method



2.9% + 2.40kr


1.4% + 2.40kr


1.6% + 2.40kr


1.6% + 2.40kr


1.4% + 2.40kr




See pricing


1.5% + 2.80kr


2.95% + 2.40kr


(0.2% + 1.25kr) + PayPal fees


2.2% + 2.40kr

Revolut Pay

1.5% + 1.80kr

SEPA bank transfers*

0.5% capped at 50kr (5kr per successful refund)

SEPA Direct Debit


+ 40kr for failed payments and 175kr for disputes


1.4% + 2.40kr

Sofort will soon be deprecated – learn more.


1% + 3kr capped at 7kr


2.6% + 1.80kr

WeChat Pay

2.9% + 2.40kr

* The fees above for bank transfers include up to 1000 free virtual bank account numbers. If you use more than 1000 VBANs, there is an additional fee of 2kr per VBAN. Please note that there is a total limit of 50,000 VBANs per account. If you require a large number of VBANs and would like to discuss pricing, please contact us

** Our financial partners have deprecated giropay. No new business onboarding or transactions will be possible after 30 June 2024. This is not a Stripe decision. Refunds will continue to process as usual after 30 June. Read our support page for more details.

If you would like to discuss volume pricing, contact us.

Klarna pricing for businesses in Sweden*

Stripe supports multiple Klarna payment options which vary in pricing and availability based on your customer’s country.

Fees for each Klarna option are assessed per successful payment. A 1.5% fee applies for international transactions and a 2% fee applies if currency conversion is required. A 200kr fee applies for lost disputes. You can learn more about Klarna, including available payment options and currency support, in our docs.



Price for all payment methods

North America

Canada, United States

5.99% + 4kr

DACH & Northern Europe

Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland

2.99% + 4.50kr


Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

2.99% + 4kr

Rest of Europe

Czech Republic, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom

4.99% + 4.50kr

If you would like to discuss volume pricing, contact sales

* Some businesses are eligible for reduced payment method rates for a limited period for select local payment methods, including Klarna, Affirm, and Afterpay, that Stripe automatically enables. If you are eligible, Stripe will contact you to confirm the enablement date and the payment methods that will be enabled. These payment methods will be available for 1.5% + 1.80kr per transaction for at least 2 months from the enablement date. The standard payment method fees above will apply to your use of those enabled payment methods after this period. You can disable and manage your enabled payment methods at any time in your payment method settings page.

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