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Get started with payments

Stripe offers a range of options to accept payments, from no-code to low-code to powerful APIs.

Automate revenue and finance

Establish a strong foundation by streamlining financial workflows.

Power recurring revenue to win repeat customers

Easily test billing methods – including subscription, per seat, metered usage, and fixed term – to generate more revenue.

Automate sales tax, VAT, and GST

Automatically monitor, calculate, and collect sales tax in 40+ markets.

Close the books quickly and get real-time insights

Easily update your investors and gather customer insights with data consolidation and custom reporting.

Embed payments into your platform

Get to market faster without up-front costs or development.

Create first-class payments experiences in every market

Integrate payments directly into your platform or marketplace with user onboarding, multi-party fund flows, payouts, and managed risk and support.

Monetise financial services and test new business models

Embed financial services in weeks, not months.

Create, manage, and grow a commercial card programme

From expense management to order fulfilment, launch a card program quickly and customise key details like card design and spend limits.

Offer your customers access to fast, flexible financing

Attract, retain, and grow your customer base while earning more revenue.

Let customers open financial accounts on your platform

Enable your customers to hold funds, pay bills, earn yield, and manage cash flow.

Bring your tools together with Stripe Apps

Connect the tools that run your business – such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Xero – to Stripe. Add apps from the Stripe App Marketplace or create custom integrations for your workflows.

Manage rev ops end-to-end from one dashboard

Run finance operations, gather insights, and track performance on one customisable interface.

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Startup partner benefits

Venture capital firms and startup accelerators can unlock Stripe discounts and other benefits for their portfolio companies by joining Stripe’s startup partner network.

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Engage a certified Stripe partner to help with strategy, implementation, deployment, global expansion, or managed services for your Stripe solution.

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