Other payment methods

EPS payments

Learn about EPS, a common payment method in Austria.

EPS is an Austria-based payment method that allows customers to complete transactions online using their bank credentials. EPS is supported by all Austrian banks and is accepted by over 80% of Austrian online retailers.

EPS redirects customers to their bank’s website to authenticate a payment and there is immediate notification about the success or failure of a payment.

Payment flow

Customer selects EPS at checkout

Customer is redirected to EPS and chooses bank

Customer enters account credentials

Customer completes authorization process (with scanner or SMS)

Customer is notified that payment is complete

(Optional) Customer returns back to business’s site for payment confirmation

Getting started

Get started with accepting EPS payments.

Disputed payments

The risk of fraud or unrecognized payments is low because the customer must authenticate the payment with their bank. As a result, you won’t have disputes that turn into chargebacks, with funds withdrawn from your Stripe account.


EPS payments can be refunded up to 180 days after the original payment date.

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