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The Interview

Patrick Collison on December 24, 2014

Starting at 10am Pacific Time this morning, you can watch The Interview at, powered by Stripe. The Interview was originally intended to be broadly available in theaters, but its release was curtailed after a number of distribution partners backed out.

We’re happy to be involved because we think it’s important that the internet remains an impartial platform. We’re proud to work with organizations defending digital freedoms such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Freedom of the Press Foundation. We’ve partnered with Chilling Effects to prevent takedown notices becoming a censorship tool and supported net neutrality to try to keep businesses on a level playing field.

We don’t always endorse what businesses sell through Stripe, but we do think it’s critical that we and our peers don’t act as gatekeepers for what is and isn’t acceptable content.

Online freedom isn’t automatic, and it’s only through active effort that the internet will stay an open platform for creativity and innovation. We take our role seriously.