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Stripe in the Nordics

Felix Huber on June 15, 2015

We’ve been in beta in the Nordics for the past year. In that time, we’ve had the chance to work closely with a growing number of companies here to better understand the challenges they face to run a business in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Starting today, any company in these countries can set up a Stripe account and accept live charges in minutes. As usual, all businesses can accept payments from customers around the world in over 135 currencies.

Based on our conversations with many of our beta users, we’re also updating our pricing for the countries in the region:

  • Denmark: 1.7% + 1.8kr for Danish cards and 2.9% + 1.8kr for international cards
  • Finland: 2.0% + 20c for Finnish cards and 2.9% + 20c for international cards
  • Norway: 2.4% + 2kr for Norwegian cards and 2.9% + 2kr for international cards
  • Sweden: 1.9% + 1.8kr for Swedish cards and 2.9% + 1.8kr for international cards

Thanks to the hundreds of beta users who’ve helped to shape our product for the Nordics. We’ve been delighted to work with a wide variety of companies to bring their businesses online—from Cancerfonden (Sweden’s largest non-profit organization for cancer research) to Tictail (a platform that lets users create and run beautiful online stores within minutes).

Now that we’re fully launched, we’re looking forward to seeing all the new experiences you’ll build with Stripe.

If you have any questions or feedback (or are interested in working with us), please drop me a line.

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