Seeking: impatient, curious optimists

Stripe is for people who care about economic opportunity and the importance of the infrastructure that enables it.


Discover Stripe

Everything we do is centered on making it easier for businesses to bring useful products and services to people around the world. Free markets and entrepreneurship are a positive good, and the world would benefit from more of both. Stripe’s infrastructure undergirds more than 1% of global GDP, so we need the people who build and maintain it to be unremittingly focused on precision and quality. And since our ambitions for Stripe’s functionality far outstrip our product portfolio today, we also try to find people who are curious, energetic, and unusually efficacious.

Ambitious problem-solvers

Stripe straddles dichotomies. We’re a technology company and a financial services company. We think at planetary scale, and we’re obsessive about individual pixels and API parameters. We love blank sheet invention and creation, and we’re also passionate about the process discipline required to deploy 10,000+ times per day while maintaining more than five 9s of reliability. We want excellent outcomes, and we’re always in a hurry. We’re intense, and we greatly value kindness. If trying to solve for these tensions sounds like your cup of tea, you might enjoy Stripe.

Almost everything I work on depends on other Stripes and teams doing their job really, really well. And when you see others doing such impressive, ambitious work, you naturally raise your own bar.

David Edelson, Technical Operations

Our operating principles

Stripe is macro-optimistic but micro-pessimistic. We regularly identify patterns of behavior that we observe to be most effective among Stripes, and codify them in our operating principles so that everyone can benefit. Everything we do requires deep, multifunctional collaboration that is solidly rooted in our core values and beliefs.

Be well

We support employee success with comprehensive benefits. Our offerings include physical, mental, and medical health plans and programs, financial advisory services, and family planning. We also provide rigorous onboarding and product training to help you get up to speed quickly and keep honing your craft.

What I appreciate about Stripe is how reflexive, rigorous, and curious everyone is about their work. We seek fresh perspectives, challenge industry convention and assumptions, and develop innovative and automated solutions to solve big problems.

Delia Pawelke, Financial Crimes

Help us build economic infrastructure for the internet.

University recruiting

Stripe hosts undergraduate and graduate interns from around the globe.


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