An uncommon approach

Stripe is for the versatile, the supportive, the impatient, and most of all, the obsessively user focused. You’ll be arriving in the first chapter of our story, and you’ll be expected to play a lead role in determining how it unfolds.

A culture built for builders

You won’t just be developing the next phase of the internet, you’ll work alongside exceptional people who insist on doing their best work to get there. People with unrelentingly high standards who inspire others to do more and go further.

An environment of growth

We have a flat structure without titles—it’s about what you do, not what you’re called. We value managers who are (and remain) experts in their areas and are hands-on practitioners, while also focused on developing talent and designing successful orgs. You can have massive impact and material progression in your career without managing anyone. We want you to take what you’ve been hired to do, and show us how it’s done—you might create something we never would have imagined. We have had account managers start a publishing arm, interns who have run business units, and hackathon participants who have built company-defining products.

Intentional communication

We have always been deliberate about how we share. Our communication norms in places like our company all-hands, Q&As, wikis, emails, and internal messaging are unique in their aim to democratize access to information and avoid siloed thinking. Stripes are even encouraged to “lurk” into coworkers’ projects to learn about what is happening and provide relevant feedback. We over-index on transparency because we believe access to information is imperative to creating the very best work, and we have a lot to learn from one another.

Fast-paced, detail-oriented

Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to move quickly and care about the details. It’s just harder to do. We balance innovation with being compulsively scrupulous when facilitating the movement of money because we think it’s imperative to do so. When we started, we would email any API error to everyone at the company. These days, at peak, we receive 10,000 API requests per second—but we still sweat the correctness of every one, because our customers depend on us. Each and every one is business critical and can’t just be thrown behind an eventually-consistent caching layer.

Voraciously curious

No playbook exists for the problems we are solving. Every day, Stripes are required to find answers to questions they’ve never been asked before. To make meaningful progress, we hire people who are unapologetically driven by asking “why?,” who constantly seek better solutions, and who are unfazed by tackling things that are only implausibly possible.

Promoting access through representation

Our products make it possible for anyone, anywhere to participate in the internet economy. We are building diverse teams to fuel this enormous possibility—and to enable all Stripes to do the best work of their careers.

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  • Desi

    Desi represents, supports, and promotes the cultural identity and interests of Stripes who are of Indian or South Asian descent. The group serves as a forum to discuss, support, and celebrate South Asian causes at (and outside of) Stripe, while also being a networked resource as we launch and scale in the Indian market.

  • Equate

    Equate’s mission is to cultivate and promote an inclusive environment where all Stripes can proactively support and advance the equality, professional development and leadership potential of women and non-binary people at Stripe, and the technology industry at large, through education, mentorship, collaboration and discussion.

  • ESEA

    ESEA represents, supports, and promotes the interests of Stripes who self-identify as being of East or Southeast Asian descent. From public speaking workshops for ESL Stripes to speaker series featuring prominent Asian entrepreneurs and technologists, ESEA is focused on supporting the community, creating a safe space, promoting specific initiatives relevant to the group, and increasing understanding of the ESEA market for Stripe.

  • Interfaith

    Interfaith is a group of Stripes who self-identify as having faith or are interested in having respectful dialogue around faith. Stripes are a diverse group of people from different religious, spiritual, cultural, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds. For many, faith impacts thought processes, drives interests, and shapes daily actions. Finding others who have seen faith impact their lives is often a great source of encouragement and support.

  • Jew-ish

    Whether identifying with Judaism religiously or culturally (or both), Stripes in Jew-ish work to provide resources and education to help Jewish Stripes be successful while balancing their career and traditions or religious beliefs. Jew-ish is focused on creating a safe space where Stripes who identify as Jewish can be a resource for anyone interested in Jewish culture and religion, and is committed to empowering other communities who face similar challenges.

  • Parents

    Being a working mother or father isn’t easy. Our Parents community works toward improving the lives of Stripe families through events and training programs, by sharing best practices and difficult challenges, and advocating for workplace policies. Parents has taken an active role in developing Stripe’s parental leave tools, which provide resources to managers and expectant parents.

  • Rainbows

    Rainbows welcomes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual (LGBTQIA) Stripes and their allies. By investing in people, policy, and partnerships with our users, Rainbows aims to foster inclusivity in and awareness of LGBTQIA affairs among all Stripes.

  • The Black Stripes

    The Black Stripes represents, supports, and promotes the interests of Stripes who self-identify as Black, African, African-American, Afro-European, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latinx, or any other identity part of the African diaspora. The group is focused first on supporting the community, and second on creating opportunities for others at Stripe to learn and identify with the challenges that black Stripes face, at work and beyond.

  • Unidos

    Unidos represents, supports, and promotes the cultural identity and interests of Stripes of Hispanic or Latin American descent. It offers a forum to discuss and support this group’s causes at (and outside of) Stripe, and provides a platform for promoting awareness and expression of Hispanic and Latin American culture.


Lowering barriers to opportunity starts within our own walls. We have numerous Stripe Communities: employee-created resource groups that partner closely with our People and executive teams to advance diversity, equity and inclusion throughout Stripe’s culture and processes.

While Stripes today already come from a wide range of backgrounds, we’ll need an even more diverse group of talented individuals to join us from around the world to serve our users and build products that drive economic growth.

Gender (Global)
All Stripes


The benefits of being small but working at scale

As a company founded in 2010, we are still striving toward maturity in many areas of our operations. But when it comes to our benefits, we are happy to be compared to much larger, more established companies. We wouldn’t want concerns over coverage to be an obstacle for you joining us.

Inclusive coverage

We provide a thoughtful and balanced set of benefits that allow Stripes to be their best selves and do great work. Whether that means offering comprehensive mental, physical, and medical health plans, supporting Stripes’ financial futures, providing fertility benefits and parental leave, or making sure Stripes have access to healthy food at the office, our robust programs put Stripes and their families first.

Growth by way of learning

We are voracious learners and teachers. Our Education team delivers an onboarding and product training curriculum for all new Stripes, and hosts expert-led courses on things like project management fundamentals and macroeconomics. Beyond the formal program, Stripes are constantly sharing knowledge with each other through conversation, documentation, reading groups, and informal talks.

A principled approach to food

The food program holds a special place in Stripe’s history and future. These Stripes come to our kitchen from a breadth of backgrounds and experiences, and focus on one proposition—respect. This is apparent not only in the local ingredients they work with or in the gracious, teamwork-driven buffet lines, but also in their approach to growing a global team through sustainable food practices and minimal waste.

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