SkipTheDishes moves to Stripe for secure, reliable, frictionless payments

SkipTheDishes is Canada’s leading food delivery network, helping more than 20,000 restaurants connect to customers coast-to-coast. Its technology platform powers millions of orders every month.

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SkipTheDishes wanted to reduce fraud and eliminate downtime, all while providing customers with a smooth checkout experience. It was looking for a partner to modernise its technology stack within an ambitious go-live timeline.


SkipTheDishes selected Stripe for its fast, reliable payments infrastructure that could be deployed quickly and deliver customer-first experiences with frictionless checkout. Stripe Radar offered sophisticated fraud detection and prevention capabilities so SkipTheDishes could proactively address and eliminate fraud.


With Stripe, SkipTheDishes has already seen more than a 6% direct uplift in payment processing approval rates, which tie to higher conversion rates and lead to more orders and revenue. Its also been able to significantly decrease fraud rates and has reduced chargeback costs by over 30%.

Smooth integration and deployment

In three months, SkipTheDishes successfully moved all of its volume to Stripe. They partnered closely with Stripe’s Deployment Services team, which was heavily involved from day one by helping with integration scope, unique business requirements, and execution. Throughout the project, Stripe’s team refined a customised integration plan to help SkipTheDishes optimise its payments environment and improve overall conversion rates. When it came time for the official cutover date, everything went smoothly.

Control over fraud

SkipTheDishes selected Stripe Radar For Fraud Teams for two primary reasons: it discreetly operates in the background from customers, and it’s highly effective at detecting and blocking fraud. Radar uses machine learning that trains on data across millions of global companies and adapts quickly to shifting fraud patterns. It helps distinguish fraudsters from customers and enables SkipTheDishes to apply Dynamic 3D Secure to high-risk payments, which can reduce fraud without compromising on user experience. Since switching to Stripe, SkipTheDishes has reduced chargeback costs by over 30%.

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