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Our professional services team combines payments and financial expertise with experience integrating Stripe technology in thousands of projects. We help our customers create marketplaces, launch subscription businesses, expand globally, and more.

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Implementation services

Integration consultants and engineers guide you through every stage of your implementation, from strategy and design to technical development and launch.

Launch faster

Go live with Stripe quickly with our iterative and hands-on approach.

Design for scale

We incorporate the complexities of your business to deliver a custom solution that scales.

Minimise risk

Build once and avoid technology and compliance pitfalls that can delay timelines.

Unlock more value

Discover additional ways to use Stripe to streamline your technology stack.

Custom integration guidance for all components of your Stripe solution

Your implementation includes relevant deep dive workshops so we can understand your requirements and create tailored integration guides for your teams to build faster.

Workshop topics include:

  • Payment optimisation
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Fraud and disputes
  • Risk management and KYC requirements
  • Data migration
  • Customer payment experience
  • Funds flows
  • Product monetisation strategy

Optimise and grow


From strengthening your current integration to launching new business models, our experts provide guidance to help you build on your existing Stripe solution.

Optimise your Stripe solution

Make the right technical adjustments to maximise value and drive impact.

  • Improve payments performance
  • Create and deploy experiments
  • Unlock new capabilities using the latest Stripe API

Adapt to new business needs

Respond quickly to financial and industry trends and build solutions to meet customer needs.

  • Expand internationally
  • Build a marketplace or app store
  • Launch a subscription business
  • Connect online and in-person payments

Build for the future

Executive strategy program

Bring your leadership team together for collaboration with Stripe. Create a vision and shared roadmap for the most ambitious goals.

Uncover insights

Explore opportunities through customer research, data analysis, customer interviews, and industry trends.

Identify solutions

Workshop ideas and identify new solutions and improvements that align with your long-term goals.

Deliver outcomes

Define, align, and commit to actionable shared roadmaps with implementation plans that enable teams to execute.

Case studies

Booksy switches to Stripe for faster payouts and omnichannel payments

Founded in Poland in 2015, Booksy is a leading appointment management platform for beauty and wellness providers, serving over 20 million customers to easily find and book services such as haircuts, manicures, and massages.


Booksy was deeply embedded with a payment provider that wasn't meeting expectations, driving some businesses to less secure payment methods as a workaround. Booksy wanted a more robust omnichannel payment offering with a broader range of use cases to keep up with the evolving needs of its providers.


Stripe professional services helped Booksy replace its payment provider within five months, providing key business guidance and working closely with Booksy engineers, helping it achieve its vision of a complete payments platform where providers can manage payments entirely through their Booksy account. Booksy migrated tens of thousands of connected provider accounts to Stripe overnight with a 97% success rate.


Stripe professional services was a huge help in integrating with Stripe. And it went beyond just answering minor questions – it included a large range of services and constant consulting on new ideas. We talked through issues and received guidance on how to use different products. On a scale of one to 10, we’d give professional services an 11.

Pawel Tama, Payments Project Manager

Lynk & Co partners with Stripe experts to create a hassle-free payment experience

Lynk & Co is a Swedish automobile company that makes driving easy by offering drivers flexible mobility options. Drivers can access vehicles through a subscription model, car-sharing, or by purchasing their own car. Lynk & Co provides various services to help drivers maintain their vehicles, such as insurance, maintenance, and more.


Lynk & Co wanted a new payment provider to ensure compliance with the EU’s Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and provide a seamless payment experience to more effectively convert Lynk & Co’s riders and drivers.


Lynk & Co partnered with Stripe professional services for guidance to accelerate a complex Stripe Connect integration to power Lynk & Co’s PSD2-compliant payments platform. Lynk & Co’s car-sharing offering launched across all seven active markets in a single day. Six months following its launch, Lynk & Co saw increases across its major offerings: 53% for car borrowers, 45% for car sharers, and 49% for car-sharing bookings.


Stripe professional services got involved early, joining technical discussions, offering solutions, and bringing in expertise from across the Stripe family. The team was engaged, flexible, and knowledgeable. As a result, our Connect implementation is absolutely stronger due to our partnership with professional services.

Ifty Hussain, Head of Commerce Platform

Carousell creates extensive fraud prevention process with Stripe experts

Carousell, which is part of Carousell Group, is the leading multicategory platform for second-hand goods in Southeast Asia. It’s on a mission to inspire the world to start selling and to make second-hand the first choice by simplifying peer-to-peer buying and selling.


Following Carousell’s Stripe Connect implementation, its trust and safety team gathered data about its most common fraud attack vectors. Carousell created a strategy with Stripe professional services to combat fraud threats specific to its business to boost reaction time, improve customer experience, and further global expansion.


Through a 10-week fraud strategy advisory, Carousell worked with Stripe professional services to build and refine its trust and safety processes by creating user personas to identify its most significant threats, risks, and mitigation opportunities. After implementing the new fraud processes, Carousell has seen a reduction in detection and reaction times, as well as a 75% reduction in false positives, a 15% reduction in 3D Secure (3DS) interventions, a 10% increase in issuer authorisation rates, and reduced early payment blocks.


Trust and safety is a top priority at Carousell. Stripe's professional services team was instrumental in crafting an integrated solution that precisely matched our business requirements and commitment to trust and safety for our users. Their direct support and guidance were indispensable, making it possible for us to successfully enhance complex fraud mitigation measures and strengthen our fraud prevention capabilities.

Maninder Nagpal, Fraud Management and Disputes Program Manager

Togetherwork partners with Stripe experts to build a seamless experience for its customers

Togetherwork provides software and payments solutions to organisations to help build efficiencies and increase revenue. With a world-class approach to technology and operations, Togetherwork strives to deliver the best experiences to its customers and communities.


As Togetherwork’s business rapidly expanded, it quickly started to outgrow its homegrown payments platform, which combined multiple processors. It needed a more modern payment solution to support its rapid growth and guidance on consolidating more than 20 processors across its portfolio of product lines.


Togetherwork turned to Stripe professional services to guide the implementation of a new scalable global payments platform. Implementation services helped Togetherwork consolidate more than 20 payment processors across more than 15 product lines, preparing the organisation for the new solution operationally. Advisory services helped Togetherwork bring new financial service offerings to market using Stripe banking-as-a-service products.


We had a great implementation experience with Stripe professional services. The team provided guidance and expertise at every step while we were still learning.

Karen Gil, VP of Payments

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