Stripe + Twilio <Pay>

Meghan Grady GTM Partnerships

Today, we’re adding support for Twilio <Pay> to let businesses easily and securely accept payments over the phone.

Phone payments are especially common in industries like food, travel, healthcare, retail, and nonprofits, but payment details are often keyed in manually by a human agent. This flow can be riddled with errors and expose companies to security and compliance risks. That’s why we’re partnering with Twilio to help companies integrate phone payments quickly while ensuring the checkout flow remains secure and PCI compliant.

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Fast, automated payouts for marketplaces and platforms with Connect Payouts

Platforms can now use Connect just for the payouts portion of their business. Without changing any existing methods of accepting payments, platforms can use Connect Payouts to top up their Stripe account from a bank account and pay out recipients through the Dashboard or via the API. Now, more platforms can take advantage of Stripe Connect’s payout automation, reporting and verification.

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Effectively using AWS Reserved Instances

Ryan Lopopolo Merchant Experience
illustration aws reserved instances

Reserved instances are hard to purchase effectively. It’s easy to allocate the wrong number, and hard to predict future compute requirements over time. Deciding which and how many reserved instances to buy is a non-trivial exercise at the nexus of cloud strategy, bin packing, and capacity planning. Here's how we use AWS Reserved Instances to dynamically scale our fleet of servers and predictably forecast our cloud spend.

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Streamlining workflows with the new Connect Dashboard

Hamish Kerr Connect

Over the next few weeks, we’re rolling out new features in the Dashboard to help marketplaces and platforms efficiently run their business on Stripe Connect. With these improvements, you can send funds to your sellers or service providers (“connected accounts”), see detailed breakdowns of an account’s recent activity, and quickly update account information directly in the Connect portion of the Dashboard.

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Stripe Home

Michael Schade Engineering
Blog > Stripe Home > Images > Team

At Stripe, we’ve always been intentional about how we communicate, share information, and stay connected. Back when Stripe was smaller, it was easy for this to happen automatically. But by the time we hit around 150 people, it became hard to know everyone’s name. So at a company hackathon, a few Stripes created People, a directory to help Stripes meet and get to really know each other.

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Improved fraud prevention with Radar 2.0

We launched Radar in 2016 to help protect our users from fraud. We’ve blocked billions of dollars in fraud across the Stripe network for companies of all sizes—from startups like Slice and WeSwap to larger companies like Fitbit and OpenTable. Since launch, we’ve continuously invested in our suite of fraud prevention tools, and today, we’re excited to launch the result of those efforts.

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Stripe Connect now supports Express accounts for businesses

We’ve consistently heard from platforms that onboarding sellers is still one of the hardest challenges they face. Earlier this year, we launched Express accounts for Connect platforms to provide you a quick and easy way to onboard individuals as sellers and service providers while maintaining control over the look and feel of the experience. Express platforms have already onboarded thousands of individuals across industries ranging from childcare to streetwear. Starting today, you can also onboard businesses on your platform with Express.

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