Accept payments for your online business with Stripe and Collect for Stripe

Start accepting credit, debit, and other payment methods for your online business in minutes. Stripe works with Collect for Stripe to process payments from your customers and makes sure you get paid fast.

Stripe is the industry standard for online payments.

3 out of 5 Americans made a purchase from a Stripe-powered business in the past year.

Save time and money by using Stripe

Sign up for Stripe in minutes to accept payments online from customers in every country in 100+ currencies. You can easily manage all your payments directly from the Stripe Dashboard.

Centralized payments dashboard

Quickly get a snapshot of your business and take immediate action. Manage every payment, customer, transfer, and more—all from one place.

Off-the-shelf financial reports

With Stripe’s built-in reporting features, you can view and export details on all of your charges—everything from fees to , payouts—in real time.

Built-in fraud protection

Stripe’s advanced machine learning algorithms automatically detect and prevent fraud for your business, and constantly adapt to new types of fraud.

Stripe's centralized dashboard
Easily create financial reports
Prevent fraud using Stripe Radar
450+ extensions

Take advantage of a rich third-party ecosystem with hundreds of integrations ranging from tools for email alerts, shipping, taxes, and more.

World-class support

Our team is available on chat and email to answer your questions. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions at

Only pay for what you use

Fast, predictable transfers: Once you’re set up, transfers arrive in your bank account on a 2-day rolling basis.

  • No setup, monthly, or hidden fees
  • Real-time fee reporting
per successful card charge

About Stripe

Stripe has over 1,000 employees and is headquartered in San Francisco, with nine global offices across North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

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