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Customer success

Achieve stronger results with partners

100% improvement

in manual collection time for ZoomInfo, by leveraging the Stripe Connector for NetSuite

16% uplift

in conversion rate for Impulse Creative, with help from HubSpot

10x growth

in US business for Bikes Online after launching with Maropost’s one-stop solution

4% uplift

in authorisation rates for River Island after engaging Cabiri to help implement Stripe

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Case studies

How HubSpot built a seamless payment flow for Impulse Creative

Impulse Creative is a marketing agency that helps businesses grow by using CRM providers like HubSpot to deliver the right customer experiences.


Impulse Creative needed a way to digitise B2B payments for its coaching and training clients without the traditional “cart” experience.


HubSpot built a native payments solution, powered by Stripe, into its CRM – allowing Impulse Creative to create custom products and embed payment links into its landing pages in real time.


Impulse Creative saw a 16% uplift from visit-to-payment conversions on its landing page.

We've been astounded by the ease of setup of HubSpot's payments functionality. The ability to create custom products, streamline, and embed the payment experience into landing pages has been amazing.

Remington Begg, chief remarkable officer at Impulse Creative

Cabiri helps River Island improve authorization rates by 4%

River Island is a multi-channel fashion brand with 245 stores across the UK and a significant online presence that reaches more than 125 global markets.


Founded in 1948, River Island was facing competition from new online retailers. It needed customer-centric, high-tech solutions for an omnichannel customer journey.


River Island engaged Cabiri, an IT consultancy, to help implement several Stripe products to replace its fragmented system, including Stripe Payments, Stripe Elements, and Stripe Terminal. Stripe now processes all self-service checkouts in River Island stores, as well as 100% of the retailer’s online sales.


River Island has seen a 4% uplift in authorisation rates and a 2% uplift in customers moving from order review to completing a transaction. Now that more customers are completing checkout and more submitted payments are being approved, River Island anticipates a boost in revenue.

Over the first 12 months of our partnership with Stripe, we will capture millions more value in sales than we previously would have.

Emily Haddrell, Digital Product Lead, River Island

How NetSuite created scalable payments for ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI) works with high-growth companies to deliver a go-to-market intelligence solution that gives them the data they need to find and connect with their ideal customers.


ZoomInfo needed a payments solution that would integrate with its existing systems and seamlessly automate cash collections as they scaled globally. Its manual processes delayed payments by up to 10 days, causing significant overhead costs.


By using the Stripe Connector for NetSuite, ZoomInfo customers could pay invoices faster using credit card and ACH payments – instead of relying on cheques and other manual methods.


ZoomInfo’s accounting teams reduced 15 minutes of data entry per transaction down to 0 minutes.

We’ve automated tens of thousands of collections in just the last year, which has led to customers paying us much faster while significantly reducing the manual work and headcount that went into the collections process. The ability to track down overdue statements for the collections team has been instrumental so far.

Madison Farnsworth, senior manager of financial systems at ZoomInfo

How Maropost helped Bikes Online expand into new markets

Founded in Sydney, Australia, Bikes Online is a direct-to-consumer online retailer of road bikes, mountain bikes, and bike gear.


Bikes Online needed an effective, customisable fraud prevention system as well as solutions capable of supporting the company’s growth into new geographies.


Maropost provided a one-stop solution for inventory management, order management, and shipping labelling. They offer a seamless checkout and payment experience for customers with Stripe, resulting in faster checkout times and access to more payment methods.


Bikes Online has seen a 10x of its US business since launch, $40,000 uplift in accepted transactions per month, and $10,000 savings per month in fraud prevention costs in each market.

What surprised me most about Stripe and Maropost is the human connection. We’ve had the chance to work with a highly engaged team that is passionate about building our business and helping solve problems quickly.

Jonathon Allara, Cofounder and Co-CEO, Bikes Online

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