Stripe Issuing: Authorized User Terms – Celtic Bank

Last updated: 2023-02-24

1. General.

(a) Your card is a business charge card issued under the Stripe Issuing program. Your card is issued by Celtic Bank (the “Issuing Bank”). The Stripe Issuing program is managed by Stripe, Inc. (“Stripe”). When you use your card, you must follow the requirements laid out in these Authorized User Terms (“Terms”).

(b) As used in these Terms, “we,” “us” and “our” refer to the Issuing Bank. “You” and “your” refer to the person authorized by the Accountholder to receive and use a card. The “Accountholder” refers to the business entity that participates in the Stripe Issuing program and has a credit account with the Issuing Bank.

(c) When you use your card, you are using the card on behalf of the Accountholder. All expenses on your card are the responsibility of the Accountholder.

(d) These Terms do not establish a contract or other legal relationship between you and us. This document constitutes a binding agreement between you and the Accountholder and the Accountholder is responsible for your compliance with these Terms.

2. Using Your Card.

(a) Your card must be activated prior to use. Your Accountholder will provide activation instructions to you. We or your Accountholder may apply limits to your card, such as spend limits or limits on merchant categories.

(b) You may only use your card for business or commercial purchases on behalf of your Accountholder. You may not use your card for personal, family or household purposes or to make purchases that are not on behalf of your Accountholder. Your card remains the property of the Issuing Bank and must be returned upon request. We may cancel, revoke, repossess or restrict the use of your card at any time.

(c) You are not directly liable to us for your charges or other activity on your card.

3. Card Security.

You are responsible for securing your cards, account numbers and card security features (including the CVV and PIN).

4. Data Privacy.

The Stripe Privacy Policy and the Celtic Bank Privacy Policy describe how and for what purposes we process data (including personally identifiable information) in connection with your use of the card. By using your card, you consent to these policies.

5. Prohibited Persons.

You represent and agree you are not currently and will not become subject to a U.S. Office of Foreign Asset Control list, or any law, regulation, or other list of any government authority that prohibits or limits us from providing cards to you or from otherwise conducting business with you.

6. Customer Service.

If you have questions about the Stripe Issuing program or your card, please contact your Accountholder