Housecall Pro grows into a complete fintech platform using Stripe

Housecall Pro provides a software platform that enables field service professionals to manage all aspects of their business in one place, from sales and marketing to scheduling, dispatching, payment processing, and much more. The company serves businesses across more than 40 verticals, such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, cleaning, garage door, and landscaping—helping them thrive in competitive service industries. Over the years, Housecall Pro’s customers have delivered more than $50 billion in services through its platform to over 30 million households. Today, the company supports more than 40,000 customers, who it calls “Pros.”

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Housecall Pro began as an ambitious startup founded by the son of a painting business owner. Its goal was to support businesses that are the backbone of local communities and a vital part of the economy: service, repair, and maintenance companies that help consumers maintain their most valuable asset, their homes. Since 2013, Housecall Pro has developed a suite of solutions covering all areas of running a field service business, aiming to become the only platform its customers need to succeed.

Providing payment solutions was a critical part of the platform’s development, with Housecall Pro choosing Stripe to provide technology that allowed field technicians and office staff to accept card payments. Then in 2021, Housecall Pro decided to expand its suite of financial services and create a comprehensive platform facilitating “all money in and all money out.”

“Our job is not done when we help Pros get paid,” said Ethan Senturia, Housecall Pro’s Chief Fintech Officer. “We have to help them use that payment efficiently, understand and manage their expenses, and ultimately run the business as best as they can.”

Housecall Pro needed a financial partner capable of matching the scale and sophistication of its vision by providing a range of functionalities for different user groups, both in the office and in the field. The company also needed a partner that could offer stability and robust support, while providing easy-to-integrate technology that allowed it to innovate and adapt quickly.


After assessing multiple potential partners, Housecall Pro chose to deepen its relationship with Stripe. The company enhanced its core payments capabilities with additional Stripe tools and added several Stripe banking-as-a-service solutions.

In 2022, Housecall Pro introduced business financing via Stripe Capital to provide customers with working capital needed to drive their growth and expansion. The loans feature flexible repayment terms ideal for seasonal businesses.

In 2023, Housecall Pro used Stripe Issuing and Stripe Treasury to launch Expense Cards, providing a comprehensive expense management program. This program offers easy access to funds for both workers in the office and in the field, while also providing robust controls that give business owners peace of mind.

In 2024, Housecall Pro enhanced its payment processing services by adding Mobile Check Deposits. This feature enables field technicians to deposit checks on-site by taking a picture with a mobile device, with the deposited funds available for bill payments directly through Housecall Pro.


4x growth in fintech product engagement from 2020 to 2024

Expanding beyond core payments to develop a complete suite of financial services led to a four-fold increase in customer engagement with Housecall Pro’s fintech products over four years. The flexibility of Stripe technology allowed Housecall Pro to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique demands of customers across more than 40 service industry verticals.

Thousands of loans initiated through Capital

By providing funding of up to $250,000 with Stripe Capital, Housecall Pro has created a critical resource for growing businesses, such as companies that need to expand their truck fleet, hire new employees, or access funds to manage cash flow.

More than 10,000 cards ordered by Housecall Pro customers

Expense cards, created with Issuing and Treasury, offer busy Pros a convenient way to keep their teams operating in the field, while increasing the value of the Housecall Pro platform by integrating expense data to provide a complete view of a business’s financials.

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