Housecall Pro uses the full Stripe product suite to offer the best of SaaS and fintech in one platform

Housecall Pro supports more than 20,000 businesses focused on home services. With Stripe, they’ve combined SaaS and fintech into a single platform, giving Pros all the tools they need to run and grow a business.

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Housecall Pro was looking for a payments provider that could empower its home services professionals with access to complete commerce and financial solutions all in one platform.


Housecall Pro uses the entire Stripe product suite to offer card payments, fraud protection, card issuing, in-person payments, business financing, cash and expense management and more. It also chose to adopt Stripe’s Data Pipeline to send up-to-date Stripe data to its Snowflake Data Cloud.


Stripe’s suite of APIs allows Housecall Pro to offer customers everything they need from commerce to financial services in a single platform. As a result, Housecall Pro has seen higher retention rates and a 40% increase in customer lifetime value (LTV) over the past two years.

“Our Pros trust us to run their entire business. The more parts of the Housecall Pro system they use, the more likely they are to stay with us for a longer time,” said Ethan Senturia, SVP of Fintech. “Putting all these services in one place makes life easier for our customers and saves them time, which is what they care about.

In addition, by implementing Stripe Data Pipeline, Housecall Pro was able to join in-depth payment data with operational data from other platforms to get a comprehensive view of its home services professionals. It can now easily identify the lifetime value of a Pro, understand costs by charge type, and much more. Housecall Pro can also create reports faster, with increased accuracy and reliability.

“Building our own integration to export the financial data of our Pros would have required lots of engineering resources and time,” said Chris Davidson, VP of Engineering. “We set up Stripe Data Pipeline within five minutes, and it requires zero ongoing maintenance – so it was a no-brainer to buy instead of build.”

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