Stripe Checkout

The fastest way to get started with Stripe

Stripe Checkout is a drop-in payments flow designed to drive conversion. Whether you sell one-off products or subscriptions, integrate in minutes to securely accept payments.

Stripe Checkout on mobile

Start and scale on Checkout

Get started with just a few lines of JavaScript. Stripe Checkout can scale from a simple integration with Dashboard-configured products to a full server integration, giving you maximum flexibility.

Dashboard with checkout products

Optimized for mobile

Stripe Checkout’s responsive web design provides an optimal payments flow across devices. It dynamically surfaces mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay when relevant for your customer.

Stripe checkout on mobile
$12.00per month

Built for global

Stripe Checkout makes it easy to sell internationally from day one. It supports 14 languages so your customers around the world will see the checkout form that’s right for them. And we’ll continue to add support for more local payment methods to make paying even easier.

CVC 1234 1234 1234 1234 Powered by KAVHOL M
Kitchen counter stools
Set of 4, various colors
Pay with card
Card information
Name on card
Country or region
United States
Pay $210.29

Powerful fraud protection

Stripe Checkout uses Stripe Radar’s machine learning tools to help you distinguish fraudsters from customers. Use Dynamic 3D Secure to apply extra authentication to high-risk payments, or let us take on fraudulent disputes for you with Stripe Chargeback Protection.

Pastebot checkout powered by Stripe Checkout

We refine and iterate, so you don’t have to

Rely on a checkout page that’s continuously tested and updated to offer a frictionless payments experience. We’ll automatically add new payment methods, and help you comply with PCI DSS and new regulatory requirements like SCA—without any changes to your integration.

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