Stripe Checkout

We built Checkout so you don’t have to

Stripe Checkout is a pre-built payment form optimised for conversion. Embed Checkout into your website or direct customers to a Stripe-hosted page to easily and securely accept one-time payments or subscriptions.


Increase sales with a better payments experience

We obsess over every detail of the checkout page—from its load time to the smallest animation. By using Checkout, you have a team of Stripe engineers and designers working continually to increase sales on your behalf.

Designed to reduce friction

Let your customers breeze through the checkout by making it easy for them to input and reuse their payment information and by helping them spot errors in real time.
  • Address auto-complete
  • 1-click payment using Link
  • Real-time card validation
  • Descriptive error messages
  • Third-party autofill
  • Card brand identification
  • Payment method reuse
  • Adjustable quantities

Optimised for any device

Provide an optimal experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop with a responsive checkout, and offer Link, Apple Pay and Google Pay out of the box.
Reduce friction at checkout and enable your customers to check out faster when paying with Link, Apple Pay or Google Pay.