TWINT Payment Terms

Last Updated: February 15, 2024

TWINT is a leading instant payment mobile app used in Switzerland.  TWINT allows users to connect their bank account or cards with the TWINT app to make secure payments. Your acceptance and use of TWINT via the Stripe Payments Services is subject to these Payment Method Terms, which supplement the Stripe Services Agreement with respect to your acceptance and use of TWINT:

  • Where you accept the TWINT payment method for services that cannot be provided immediately, you agree to inform your Customers about the later provision of the service in writing; and
  • When processing distance transactions involving a purchase transaction with the physical delivery of goods, you agree to obtain the last name, first name and residential address of the Customer using TWINT and verify these details; especially in cases in which the residential address and delivery address differ. You are required to state the company name used in your online shop or app in all information provided to the Customer using TWINT (e.g. order or delivery confirmations, invoices).