The Giving Movement boosts conversion by 25% and expands globally with Stripe

The Giving Movement is the first sustainable clothing brand in the United Arab Emirates. It produces activewear made from recyclable and biodegradable materials and donates $4 (15 AED) for every item sold toward charities. Since it launched in early 2020, The Giving Movement has donated more than $1 million to Dubai Cares and Harmony House India.

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Without direct payment integration, The Giving Movement had to direct customers to a third-party website to complete its transactions. This step created unnecessary friction in the checkout process and negatively affected the customer experience.


When Stripe announced its launch in the UAE in April 2021, signalling its first expansion into the Middle East, The Giving Movement immediately signed up. It integrated with Stripe directly, implementing Stripe Checkout to accept online payments, Radar to detect and block fraud, and Sigma to track payments data.


By partnering with Stripe, The Giving Movement improved its checkout conversion rate by 25% by offering an embedded and streamlined checkout experience. It also improved cashflow by providing three-day payouts and has managed to keep fraud levels low with Radar, which will be especially valuable as the company scales to regions where fraud levels are higher.

As The Giving Movement continues to expand globally, specifically to regions such as the Gulf Cooperation Council and the US, the company can easily accept payments with a single integration.

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