Onboard and verify users

Sign up more customers with conversion-optimised verification flows that are dynamically updated for each account’s country, business type, and capabilities. Connect helps you collect and verify information needed to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations and compliance requirements for payments.

Onboarding and verification

Stripe provides pre-built, conversion-optimised UIs and optimised payments compliance plans to onboard users.

Stripe-hosted onboarding

This option is best for software platforms or marketplaces that want to go live fast and give their users a conversion-optimised experience. Stripe will onboard your accounts in a co-branded flow that’s customised with your brand and colours.

Embedded onboarding

Embed Stripe’s pre-built onboarding flow directly into your product to create an optimised experience for your users. Go live fast, while delivering a fully white-labelled payments experience by customising the UI to match your brand.


Build your own onboarding flow on top of Stripe’s APIs and completely control your user experience. This gives you the most flexibility, but it requires significant engineering resources to integrate and maintain.

Verification and screening

Stripe’s risk-based account verification process helps platforms and marketplaces onboard connected accounts with minimal friction and conducts screening as high-risk files are updated.
  • Identity verifications
  • Instantly link bank accounts for payouts with Financial Connections
  • Risk-based KYC and AML checks for individuals and businesses
  • Sanctions screening
  • MATCH list checks

Payments compliance and security

Stripe helps you manage the complexities of global compliance.

Global regulations and compliance

Stay current with global regulations, card network rules, and strict industry security standards.
  • PCI DSS Level 1 certification
  • PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant

Global licensing

Benefit from Stripe’s money licences around the world instead of getting your own licences in every region that you operate.
  • Money transmitter licences (MTL) and registered MSB in the US
  • E-Money (EMI) Licence in Europe

Fraud management

Reduce exposure to fraudulent users with Stripe’s machine learning technology for fraud prevention.
  • Advanced models
  • Fraudulent account identification and real-time disablement

Accept payments

Scale your platform or marketplace globally without needing to set up local bank accounts and entities. With Connect, you can let your users accept 135+ currencies and dozens of popular payment methods all over the world.

Global payments

One global integration to offer the payment methods your customers want.

Global scale

Scale your business internationally without worrying about payments licensing or establishing local entities and bank accounts. Launch in new countries with no additional development work.
  • Accept payments from 180+ countries
  • 130+ presentment currencies
  • 15+ settlement currencies
  • Onboard connected accounts in 35+ countries
  • Instant country launch

Online and mobile payments

Enable your users to accept major debit and credit cards, wallet payments and local payment methods, with unified reporting and payouts across all payment types.

Point-of-sale payments

Let your users unify online and in-person payments with Stripe’s point-of-sale solution.

Subscriptions and invoicing

Build and scale your users' recurring business model, plus automate every part of recurring relationships.

Boost conversion

Reduce cart abandonment by creating a frictionless checkout experience – Link autofills your customers’ payment and shipping details to create an easy and secure checkout experience, increasing conversion rates by over 7%.

Payment optimisation

Boost conversion and modernise your payment stack.

Revenue optimisation

Take advantage of Stripe’s connections to the major card networks to improve acceptance rates and revenue.

Fraud protection

Keep your platform or marketplace safe by detecting and blocking fraud.

Tax automation

Enable your users to automatically calculate and collect sales tax, VAT, and GST on your Stripe transactions.

Pay out users

Move money between your users and your platform or marketplace quickly, even across borders. Connect makes it easy to split and route payments to multiple parties, pay out your users, and drive revenue.

Global payment routing and payouts

Connect can support any business model where you need to move money between multiple parties.

Routing flexibility and control

Customise payment routing and control where charges settle to best reflect your business model. You can split payments, move funds, and pay out or debit your users any way you like.

Payout timing control

Specify how frequently you want your users to get paid, and Connect will aggregate earnings and settle funds. You can even have fine-grained control over when your users receive funds (e.g. after services or goods are delivered).
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Manual

Global payouts

Pay out around the world in local currencies without additional engineering effort or local banking relationships. Funds for payouts can come from Stripe transactions or from account top-ups.

Crypto Payouts

Pay out directly in crypto to differentiate your platform, reach new users, and pay out instantly.

Issue cards

Create, distribute and manage physical and virtual spending cards for your users. Set custom authorisation rules like allowed merchant categories and spending limits to control expenses and prevent fraud.

Manage your platform or marketplace

Manage payment operations with fewer resources. Stripe provides robust tools and reporting for you and your users.

Revenue streams

Turn payments and related services into a revenue stream for your platform or marketplace.

Revenue share

Earn a revenue share on online card payments. Stripe partners qualify when they use Connect with Standard accounts, use Stripe Checkout or Stripe Elements, and reach a payments volume run rate of $1 million USD.

Fees and markup

Drive revenue from the payment services you provide to your users. Simply specify your platform or marketplace’s earnings for each transaction, and Connect will handle netting out earnings, including managing refunds and chargebacks.
  • Mark up payment transactions
  • Mark up other services like Instant Payouts, Issuing, or Terminal
  • Charge additional service fees to enable payments

Pricing tools Invite-only

From your Stripe Dashboard, set and modify conditional payments pricing based on payment method, country, and other factors – without any code. Execute sophisticated pricing strategies for different user segments.

Margin reports Invite-only

Download reports to understand your take rate on payments and more quickly calculate your payments P&L.

Tools for your platform or marketplace

One place to manage users, payments and your business.

Easy integration

Get payments up and running in days–not quarters – with Stripe’s global APIs, embedded components, code samples, and demos.

Monitor and action accounts

Use the Stripe Dashboard to create accounts, handle verification status, update account information, and manage your accounts’ capabilities at scale.

Platform support transparency

View all customer support cases between your connected accounts and Stripe directly from your Dashboard. Communicate directly with the Stripe team to help resolve individual cases that need attention.

Manage payouts

Use the Stripe Dashboard to send funds, issue refunds and handle chargebacks.

Manage risk and compliance

Understand how to take action on your connected accounts if they experience chargebacks or unrecoverable negative balances. Use Stripe’s tools to monitor and mitigate risk yourself, or use Stripe’s end-to-end business risk management solution.

Reports and analytics

Use Stripe’s built-in reports or feed Stripe data into other tools using the API. Businesses on cost-plus pricing can also access transaction-level reporting on interchange costs and more.

Custom reports and insights

Build custom payments or user reports directly from the Stripe Dashboard and schedule reports to be automatically sent to your team.

Roles and permissions

Use granular roles to set the right data access controls for your team members.
  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Analyst
  • Support Specialist
  • View Only

24x7 support and Premium Support

Get 24x7 support from Stripe’s specialists.
  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Email

Partner programme

Become a partner to earn a revenue share, be discovered by Stripe businesses, get best practices, and accelerate your go-to-market.
  • Revenue share on online card payments
  • Listing in the partner gallery and Stripe onboarding flow
  • Technical best practices
  • Marketing resources

Integrations and extensions

Access pre-built tools and extensions to help your platform or marketplace with things like accounting, automation, and more.

Tools for your users

An all-in-one payments solution for your users.

Unified financial services

Your users can go live faster and simplify reconciliation and reporting with Stripe’s unified platform for online and in-person payments, recurring billing, business financing, and more.

Reporting and analytics

Give your users powerful reporting, querying, and payments management. Options include a Stripe Dashboard, embedded dashboards, or building your own white-labelled dashboards with Stripe’s APIs.

Payments and payouts workflows

Support complex workflows like refunds and disputes. Let your users adjust important settings such as their bank account and address. You can give your users a Stripe Dashboard, or embed this functionality into your product.

Drive more revenue with Connect

Platforms and marketplaces using Connect can grow revenue and expand faster while reducing manual processes and compliance risks


ROI after switching to Stripe


more revenue from new sellers


reduction in expansion costs

Know what you’ll pay

Usage-based and flexible based on the capabilities you need.