Stripe Terminal is now generally available in the US

Today we’re excited to make Stripe Terminal available to all users in the US. Terminal is a set of SDKs, APIs, and pre-certified card readers that lets you extend your Stripe integration to accept in-person payments.

Businesses of all types are already using Stripe Terminal to build their in-person payment experiences. Online-first retailers like Warby Parker are using Terminal to build a fully customized in-person checkout. Housecall Pro—a software platform that helps more than 50,000 home service professionals run their businesses—now lets its users manage online bookings and accept in-person payments with Stripe all from one app.

We created a rich customer experience within our app to accept in-person payments, and it only took us a week of development time.

Troy Payne, Head of Engineering at Squire

Unify your payments stack

While we mostly focus on internet businesses, 90% of consumer spending still takes place in person. Businesses that operate both online and in person can find it challenging to create a consistent experience and track customers across channels. Stripe Terminal works seamlessly with your existing Stripe integration to create a single view of customers and sales across channels, which makes reporting and reconciliation easier.

Terminal eliminated the need to manually record payments, saving us more than two hours each day.

Jame Mackson, Lead Engineer at The Wedding Shoppe Inc.

In-person payments, made for developers

With the JavaScript, iOS, and Android SDKs, you can integrate Stripe Terminal into your web, iOS, or Android app in a few days. You can customize every user-facing aspect of your point of sale, including the reader screen. And since Terminal is designed to work with your existing Stripe integration, you can set up in-person payments for subscription businesses using Stripe Billing, or for platforms and marketplaces using Stripe Connect.

Customized splash screens

Customized splash screens on Stripe Terminal readers

Built for SaaS platforms and marketplaces

If you’re doing a wide deployment of in-person payments to third parties, Stripe Terminal is for you. Terminal helps Connect platforms extend their reach by letting connected accounts accept in-person payments from within their platform. Your platform’s users can receive a unified payout for payments accepted online or in person. You can manage your entire fleet of readers and can ship them directly to your connected accounts using your Stripe Dashboard.

It took us two weeks to integrate Terminal and start offering it to 1,500 of our Pros. They’re now saving money on in-person payments, saving time with automated reconciliation, and getting their money fast with Instant Payouts.

Sean Devlin, Senior Director of Special Projects at Housecall Pro

Getting started with Stripe Terminal

Any Stripe user in the US can now start integrating Terminal in three steps:

  1. Build your mobile or web app interface for in-person sales
  2. Integrate the Terminal SDK to create a connection between your app and the card reader
  3. Pair the Stripe card reader with the SDK and take your first in-person payment

We currently support two types of card readers. You can explore which one is right for your business in the docs or get started by ordering from the Dashboard.

We’re still actively working on Terminal and have plenty of improvements in the works. If you have any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re outside the US, you can get notified when Terminal is available in your country.

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