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Update: We’ve now published our full guide for Apple Pay on the Web. Get started with your integration by reading our docs.

Apple Pay on the Web will be available later this fall. (Apple has not yet published an exact date.) We’ve received a lot of questions about how the integration will work and we’ve been working closely with Apple to ensure that the implementation will be quick and easy for Stripe users.

Today, we wanted to give a quick overview of the steps that will be required to support Apple Pay on the Web to help you prepare for its release:

Register your domain

In order to prevent fraud, you’ll need to register the domain of your checkout page with Apple. You’ll be able to register your domain directly in the Stripe Dashboard, which lets you skip all the steps that’d otherwise be required, like manually provisioning and generating certificates in your Apple Developer Account. You’ll also be able to register multiple domains easily via our API.

Check for Apple Pay support

We’ll be updating Stripe.js with a handy function to check whether your customer can use Apple Pay. (To start, Apple Pay will only be available in Safari to macOS Sierra and iOS 10 users.) The check will involve a straightforward conditional:

Customize the payment form

We’ll support all the fields you can use to customize what shows up in the Payment Sheet (the dialog that presents the transaction’s details to the customer). At minimum, you’ll just need to provide the amount to charge and the currency:

As you’d expect, you can also use the Stripe integration to get your customers’ shipping info via Apple Pay or charge on a recurring basis for subscriptions.

Create a charge

If you use Stripe.js, no sensitive data will ever hit your servers—we’ll handle creating secure sessions with Apple, decrypt the payment info, and pass along a token that you can use to create a charge.

You can sign up to be notified as soon as Apple Pay on the Web is available—we’ll be sending our full guide first to people on this list. In the meantime, if you have questions about Apple Pay (or Stripe in general), please drop me a line!

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