Streamlining workflows with the new Connect Dashboard

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Over the next few weeks, we’re rolling out new features in the Dashboard to help marketplaces and platforms efficiently run their business on Stripe Connect. With these improvements, you can send funds to your sellers or service providers (“connected accounts”), see detailed breakdowns of an account’s recent activity, and quickly update account information directly in the Connect portion of the Dashboard.

Managing your platform’s day-to-day operations can be cumbersome for your finance, support, and operations teams—especially as you scale to thousands of connected accounts and beyond. Early beta users tell us that these new insights and tools allow their teams to field issues more effectively and independently, saving them and their engineering teams hours every month.

Connect Dashboard Demo

Send transfers and payouts from the Dashboard

Regardless of your Connect account type—Standard, Express, or Custom—you can now move funds to your connected accounts straight from the Dashboard instead of creating a transfer through the API. If you’re a Connect Custom or Express user, you can also create payouts. By enabling transfers and payouts in the Dashboard, you can scale your user support and payouts management, without requiring your engineering team to build custom tools.

Connect send funds

Edit account details with ease

We’ve also made changes that streamline common workflows. Previously, viewing and updating settings for your connected accounts was a relatively cumbersome process. It’s now possible to handle these tasks from your Dashboard. All platforms can inspect recent payment or payout activity and view specific account balances, while Custom and Express platforms can also easily update payout schedules for their connected accounts. Custom platforms can also update identity information and banking details.

Connect account details

Easy access to more information about connected accounts

We’ve also updated the account page to provide more insight into your connected accounts.

Account Header

The new header surfaces more information about the account at a glance. You can now quickly see the account’s balance, lifetime volume, and whether or not it has payments and payouts enabled.

Connect account header


The new ‘Balance’ section provides a summary of how much money the connected account has in its Stripe account balance. Additionally, it’s possible for administrators to send funds to connected accounts in seconds.

Connect account balance


The new ‘Activity’ section improves upon the old ‘Transfers’ section and now lists the recent payments, transfers, payouts, and collected fees associated with a connected account.

Connect account activity

Metadata Search

We’ve also added the ability to search for connected accounts by metadata so that you can find what you need faster, with relevant keywords.

Connect metadata search

Clear verification statuses for Connect Custom Accounts

In the new Dashboard, we’ve made the verification explanations better and clearer. If one of your connected accounts had its payouts paused, this will now be highlighted in red alongside a remediation suggestion. These updates help Connect Custom platforms proactively resolve verification issues.

Connect account verification

These updates are the first of many improvements coming to the Dashboard that will help your team run more efficiently. The updated Dashboard is rolling out to all Connect platforms in each of Stripe’s 25 supported countries in the next few weeks.

You can learn more about the updates in our documentation or check out our guide to get started.

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