Traxero uses Stripe to launch its integrated omnichannel payments solution in four weeks

Traxero’s software is used by towing companies to effectively manage business operations. Traxero’s product suite included integrated payments, but its previous payments provider couldn’t offer Traxero’s customers real-time visibility into payments transactions and refunds. After switching to Stripe, Traxero built a fully integrated omnichannel payments solution in just four weeks, unlocking seamless in-person payments for its customers and ultimately setting the business up for sustained future growth.

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Traxero provides the towing and roadside industry with innovative solutions for dispatch management, fleet tracking, customer service, and more. Helping those businesses focus on profitability is critical, especially when it comes to getting paid. However, Traxero faced challenges with its previous payments provider: Many customers complained about the lag time and lack of visibility into transactions and refunds.

Traxero wanted to deliver a payments solution to its customers without delay, but integrating a new payments platform or investing time and resources into building dashboards was going to be a challenge. Plus, with Traxero pushing to scale its business, it had to find a payments solution that was fast, easy, and reliable while enhancing the customer support experience.


Traxero chose Stripe Connect to power its integrated payments solution, which makes it easier for its customers to accept and manage payments from a single platform while giving Traxero another meaningful revenue stream. Stripe Connect is the fastest and easiest way to integrate payments into platforms and marketplaces using programmable APIs and tools to build and scale end-to-end payment experiences. Traxero combined Stripe Terminal with Connect to create a powerful, integrated omnichannel payments solution for its customers. With Connect and Terminal, Traxero customers can accept in-person credit card payments using Terminal card readers while seamlessly managing transactions, refunds, disputes, and more from their Connect Dashboards.

“After we switched to Stripe, we were onboarding customers for our in-person payments beta in about four weeks,” said Cheryl Hawkins, product manager for payments at Traxero.

Traxero’s customers demand a seamless payments experience and real-time insights, especially those related to payments and revenue. Stripe Terminal enables Traxero customers to accept in-person payments, and Stripe Connect delivers an end-to-end payments experience—including real-time visibility through Stripe’s Dashboards—that Traxero and its customers need to manage their businesses.


Traxero had to upgrade its payments infrastructure to overcome a poor customer experience and provide real-time payments insights, yet it faced tight resource and time constraints. By integrating with Stripe, Traxero was able to replace its previous payments platform and launch a new in-person payments solution quickly and easily while keeping customers happy.

Four weeks to build and launch a new in-person payments experience with Stripe Terminal

The ease and simplicity of integrating Stripe Connect and Stripe Terminal enabled Traxero to replace its old payments infrastructure and launch beta testing for its new in-person payments product, TowPay, in just four weeks, before a critical industry conference.

Hawkins said, “Getting our new in-person payments solution launched before the Tow Show was a huge win for us. We’re grateful Stripe made it so easy.”

Easy integration with Stripe Connect

With Stripe Connect, Traxero only needed one engineering team to replace its existing solution. Connect’s programmable APIs are easy to use, which enabled Traxero to integrate its new payments experience—including Stripe-hosted onboarding and Dashboards—faster and with less development effort.

Real-time payments visibility

Stripe’s integrated solution makes it easier for Traxero’s customers to accept and manage payments in real-time so they can focus on their business. Stripe’s global payments platform and suite of innovative financial products also help support Traxero’s longer-term growth strategies.

“Any time we’ve asked if something is possible, Stripe answers with, ‘Yes, we have a product or beta for that.’ Stripe is always two steps ahead,” said Hawkins.

We launched our beta within a month, which shows how easy it is to integrate with Stripe. The hosted Dashboards have been huge, because we wanted to move quickly. Reliable and seamless customer experience are a priority for us, and we can deliver those – fast – with Stripe.

Cheryl Hawkins, Product Manager, Payments

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