GroupGreeting increases conversion by 8% using Stripe Checkout

GroupGreeting makes it easy to share appreciation and gratitude through customisable, digital group cards. Used by tens of thousands of businesses, the company has sent millions of cards to customers in over 190 countries.

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After years of relying on the same payment processor, GroupGreeting’s founder and CEO, Anthony Doctolero, started looking for an optimised and frictionless payments experience. Anthony and the team were looking for a strategic partner that could help the company better meet the growing demand for virtual gratitude and help position the company for its international growth.


GroupGreeting integrated Checkout – Stripe’s optimised hosted payment page – to modernise its payments flow. “Given my experience with my previous provider, I was expecting a two-month integration, with my engineers complaining about the documentation. Instead, we were testing payments within a weekend,” said Anthony. Checkout allowed GroupGreeting to easily accept payments in different currencies, offer a one-click checkout, and support popular mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. To measure the exact conversion impact, the team set up an A/B test – splitting their site traffic between their previous provider and Stripe Checkout.

GroupGreeting integrated Stripe Tax a few months later to further support their international growth plans. “Taxes are a necessary part of running a business, but they are complicated and ever-changing. Stripe Tax removes the guesswork and does the heavy lifting so we can focus more on growing our business," adds Anthony. Using Stripe Tax saved GroupGreeting engineering time by removing the complexity of adding another set of APIs – and another layer to debug – from a third party.


During the A/B test, GroupGreeting saw that conversion with Stripe Checkout was 8% higher compared with the previous payments experience – with the first month after switching to Stripe being the biggest month in company history. Based on these results and the ease with which they were able to integrate Stripe Tax, the GroupGreeting team is already planning to take advantage of more Checkout features such as promotion codes, subscriptions, and more payment methods.

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