Classy Pay, powered by Stripe, creates best-in-class fundraising experiences for modern non-profits

Classy Pay powered by Stripe is a payment processing solution built for nonprofits on Stripe’s architecture, giving Classy customers access to easier reconciliation, increased fraud protection, and revenue optimizations.

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Previously, Classy worked with three different payment processors, giving its nonprofits several options. Unfortunately, many nonprofits struggled with a fractured customer experience, having to pull reports and reconcile payments across different systems, which doubled the workload and increased the likelihood of error.

When customers faced payment issues, Classy’s team often needed to redirect them to the third-party processor. Nonprofits dealt with deeper inconsistencies in the customer experience while trying to solve issues with companies who didn’t prioritize support.


Classy partnered with Stripe to build a trusted infrastructure for its payments platform. Classy chose to brand the custom solution as Classy Pay powered by Stripe, knowing the Stripe branding would convey confidence and quality in the payment experience to its nonprofit customers

Classy Pay powered by Stripe is fast—with onboarding often taking only 10 minutes. Once customers are onboarded, they can streamline their reconciliation with a single report that offers greater visibility into data than other payment system. The new partnership not only increased ease of use, but it also enabled Classy Pay to build out a strong support organization. Now, customers can consistently troubleshoot issues or refunds directly with engaged team members in a reasonable timeframe.


Classy Pay extends Stripe’s best-in-class payments technology to all its users, taking advantage of thousands of micro-optimization to maximize revenue. These include automatically updating payment information when a card is lost, stolen, or expires to ensure that nonprofits never miss out on a donation. Leveraging advanced machine-learning powered fraud detection with Stripe Radar, Classy Pay customers can feel confident that they’ll reduce the impact of fraud.

Classy Pay created a dynamic system to migrate recurring payments to Stripe within 30 days of shifing each customer to the new white-label solution. Recurring donors are the most valuable donors for an organization. Ensuring that nonprofits could transfer those payments without manually exporting files—or reaching out to donors directly to resubmit payments—was invaluable.

Before Classy Pay even signed its contract, Stripe’s integration team began guiding developers and team resources through scoping a successful deployment. In just a few months, the partnership resulted in higher adoption rates with nonprofits of all sizes, and it will continue to unlock new potential revenue streams for customers.

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