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Large, complex businesses on Stripe have historically had to create a new Stripe account for each global entity or business unit—making it difficult to unify reporting and manage payment operations across all accounts. Our biggest customers have been asking us for a way to manage these accounts under one umbrella so they can operate at scale more efficiently.

At Stripe Sessions last month, we introduced support for exactly that with the announcement of Stripe Organizations

Organizations allows you to manage all your Stripe accounts in one place. You can streamline team and role management from a centralized dashboard, search for customer and payment information across all your accounts, and run unified reports across your entire business.

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Beta users such as Xero and Nord Security tell us that the unified team management and reporting features in Organizations have saved them hours of time while providing a more coherent view of their business. In fact, Atlassian’s reporting process is now 9 times faster, saving them up to 10 hours of manual work per month. 

“For us, unified reporting is nothing short of a game changer. Because Atlassian operates across more than five Stripe accounts, adding our accounts to an organization has enabled us to significantly streamline our financial reporting. We can now download a single consolidated report, saving our teams tons of time. We love that Stripe collaborated closely with us to understand our business and deliver solutions that would make managing payments even easier across all our accounts,” said Sunnie Ho, head of global cash operations, treasury at Atlassian.

In this post, I’ll highlight everything you can do with Organizations that wasn’t possible before.

Manage your accounts from a single location

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Creating a new organization eliminates the need for multiple account logins: you no longer have to access each individual account to make changes or access key metrics. Instead, Organizations allows you to manage all your accounts from a single location, so you can:

  • Streamline account onboarding: Save time adding accounts to your organization by copying Know Your Customer (KYC) information from existing entities during onboarding.
  • Get a big-picture view of your business: A refreshed home page in the Stripe Dashboard surfaces key business information across all your accounts, such as gross volume or the number of refunded payments. 

Consolidate and simplify financial reporting across your entire business

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Using Sigma for Organizations to query across accounts and find out how many Black Friday customers were repeat customers.

Organizations extends the power of Stripe products across your entire business, starting with Sigma for Organizations. You can now automatically aggregate financial and growth metrics at the organization level, allowing you to:

  • Query across accounts: Run custom and templated SQL queries to aggregate data across all your accounts and get faster business insights. You can easily identify which customers are most likely to churn, which regions contribute the most revenue, and more. 
  • Download consolidated reports: Instead of manually downloading individual reports from each account and aggregating all the data in Excel, you can download consolidated reports across accounts, including balance, activity, and reconciliation reports. 

“Our finance team wanted to make closing the books feel less like open-heart surgery,” said Kestas Saulis, head of payments at Nord Security. “Stripe Organizations saves us countless hours of time collecting, analyzing, and collating revenue data with a single click.”

Centralize team management and search across accounts to reduce operational overhead

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Once you create an organization, you can manage and complete all your administrative and operational tasks in one place. Rather than bouncing between accounts to manage team members or search for invoices, you can:  

  • Consolidate team management: Assign built-in or custom roles that are inherited across your organization, eliminating the need to manually log in to each account to adjust permissions if an employee leaves the company or changes teams.
  • Centralize single sign-on (SSO): Centrally configure SSO across your entire organization while still maintaining granular access to your accounts. Employees only have to validate their identity once, and the authentication automatically propagates across all accounts they have access to.
  • Search across accounts: Enable team members to search for business information across all accounts so they can respond to customer support inquiries faster, make more informed decisions, and track payments trends across the company.

A unified payment integration for complex businesses

Organizations makes it even easier for businesses to scale on Stripe—whether you’re an existing user who continues to grow with us or new to Stripe.

Over the next year, we’ll introduce more ways to extend Stripe’s full suite of products across Organizations, so you can use our AI-powered Sigma Assistant to write natural language queries, combat fraud across your business with Radar, and offer your customers saved payment methods across multiple business lines.

More than 100 Stripe users already use Organizations. Request an invite today, or visit our docs to learn more.

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