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We built Sigma to help businesses quickly analyze their Stripe data and get to insights faster. Today, we’re adding the ability for Connect platforms to query data about their connected accounts as well.

Platforms like DoorDash, Catawiki, OrderMyGear, and others accept money and pay out to hundreds of thousands of sellers and service providers around the world. For platforms like these, analyzing data for specific accounts or across accounts gets very tricky—often requiring paginating and collating responses across multiple API calls or exporting disparate datasets into a custom analytics stack.

Since launch, many platforms and marketplaces have already started using Sigma to query aggregate data about their businesses. With this update, platforms can quickly use standard SQL queries to look up data for both a specific connected account or across connected accounts.

For example, platforms can now generate a summary of their connected accounts with details such as number of charges, total processed volume, and current balance in various currencies to quickly identify parts of the platform that need attention or new business opportunities:

Platforms can also customize the reports to include just the data columns that are most useful. You can look up the verification status of connected accounts and follow up with sellers who haven’t completed the onboarding process or use Sigma to find connected accounts with active disputes:

As with any Sigma query, you can turn these platform-specific queries into a daily, weekly, or monthly report—we’ll automatically run the query on the chosen schedule and email you the results.

These new features currently work for Stripe Connect platforms using Custom or Express accounts. (We don’t have support for platforms querying their Standard accounts at this time.)

We hope these new data tables help platforms analyze their business quickly and easily. If you have questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

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