Open-Source Retreat meetup 2016

Krithika Muthukumar Product Marketing

This January, we invited three developers to come work on open-source projects full-time at Stripe. We specifically chose projects for this Open-Source Retreat that we felt would have deep impact in a variety of different areas. Over the past few months, our grantees have made significant progress on their projects:

  • Pascal Brandt has been focused on OpenMRS, a platform that’s widely used to support the delivery of health care in Africa and developing countries. He’s introduced Docker containers for the core platform and reference applications. He’s also written specific containers for a few implementation sites in Mozambique. In preparation for creating a JavaScript API for OpenMRS, he’s rewritten how the API is generated using the OpenAPI standard and has built a Yeoman generator that scaffolds out frontend apps (and includes all the build and deploy tooling required).
  • Christopher Allan Webber has been working exclusively on readying the next release of MediaGoblin, a free software media platform that anyone can run. Focused on launching federation tooling for the platform, Chris has been working to push forward federation standards with the W3C, overhauling MediaGoblin’s database migration structure, improving the project’s packaging and deployability, and more.
  • Nik Graf has spent most of the past few months working on Belle, a component library for React that’s focused on great user experience, accessibility, and compatibility across devices and browsers. He’s spent time exploring several architecture options for the next iteration of Belle. Nik is also launching a new plugin architecture atop DraftJS that’ll let developers improve their app’s commenting and chat sections across mobile and desktop—even in screenreaders!

We’re hosting a meetup in a few weeks at Stripe’s SF office where Nik, Christopher, and Pascal will present what they’ve worked on and answer any questions.

When: Tuesday, March 29th, 2016, at 6:30 PM

Where: Stripe HQ

Whether you’re an active open-source contributor or completely new to open source, we’d love to have you join us—please RSVP on the event page if you can attend!

If you have any questions about the meetup, the Open-Source Retreat, or the specific projects from this year, please get in touch.

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