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135 new currencies

Thairu on February 11, 2014

As the internet’s global reach grows, Stripe users increasingly sell to worldwide audiences. Companies like DailyMotion in Paris, HubSpot in Boston, and Tito in Dublin build products that are popular everywhere, not just in their home markets.

Starting today, businesses using Stripe in the US and Europe can accept payments in 139 currencies. You can create charges in any of these currencies, and we'll automatically handle converting and transferring funds to you in your home currency. Currency conversion incurs a 2% fee atop market exchange rates.

With this change, you can easily tailor your pricing for different geographies. Localized pricing increases checkout completion rates by eliminating uncertainty for your customers and letting them avoid conversion fees.

You don’t need to do anything to enable this in your account—you can simply start passing the currencies throughout the API:

curl \
  -u sk_test_mkGsLqEW6SLnZa487HYfJVLf: \
  -d amount=3000 \
  -d currency=cny \
  -d description="Premium plan" \
  -d customer=cus_X3he9Ex2Aenkc

The currency conversion rate is calculated in real-time and can be immediately checked by retrieving the relevant balance transaction via the API or just by navigating to the charge in the dashboard.

Particular thanks to our beta testers for helping us refine this feature, especially Couchsurfing and Edmodo. As ever, we’d love to hear your feedback!